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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Hello there.
I'm a new member who can navigate my way around excel and VBA but I have been given a task to create a Resource Utilization Dashboard on POWER BI.
I'm new to PBI so I have watched many video tutorials and enrolled in a couple of PBI Bootcamp's all of which were good, but have not aided me to resolve my task.
Hoping that I can find the right assistance here but also to share my 40 odd years of excel with other members


New Member
Hi !!

I am Amit Singh from India, Used to be IT Executive..

Love to use Excel, pretty much for everything (I've even created and distributed personalized HTML files from a user list in Excel, using Lotus Notes !!)


New Member
Hello all! I am Jon Gill, from the U.S.A. I work as a data monkey for a growing company in North Carolina. They hired me to serve as a liaison and translator between front end users and back end developers. I am advanced in Excel and am learning how to integrate my Power BI reports into the new Microsoft 365 platform.
I also teach technical classes for teens at a local school, serving as tech support for the school.
I look forward to the knowledge I can give and learn her. Cheers!