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Hello .. Introduce yourself

Hi! I'm Tom.

I work as a project manager in marketing/digital. I use Excel a lot for project planning, testing logs, budgets etc, but also for personal financial planning and organisation. I have a few personal excel challenges I'd like to reach out to the community here with, if that's OK!

Forum looks like a wealth of knowledge. Thanks!

Hello All. Warm regards from the UK. I'm a Project Manager and my current project requires me to dabble in the mysterious Arts of Excel and VBA. I have a couple of issues that I would be grateful of some (lots of!) assistance with as I am a complete beginner. Browsing the forum posts everyone seems really keen to help people with whatever issues they have, so I look forward to providing you with some small challenges to keep you all occupied!
Looking forward to learning many things...

Hi I joined the forum because after taking multiple classes on excel and still feeling like a beginner. I found it's very hard to find someone who can answer me questions and explain it to me in plain simple English. I use excel for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways. (Through my jobs and through volunteer work) I quite often need help with little things and once in a while with bigger issues.
hi sir,
I am working in construction company. for day to day progress details we need updating strip charts. herewith I am sending one file having rough data and strip chart in one tab. please guide how I can formulate the same.


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Hi everyone
I don't like spend time playing pcgame, insted of that I prefer learn what windows office sw can do.
Thanks to Chandoo.org that is a great source to understand excel.
Im a financial consultant in SA. Nid to b an excel go-to-guy @ the office on all things excel & to present woow reports to clients, got me here. Sm1 once said the purpose of learning is to replace an empty head with an open mind. Trust this forum is just gonna do that. Looking forward to awesomeness !!!!
Hi, I have just joined the Forum. Greetings from India. I find this site incredibly helpful, and hopefully supportive through this forum. And it could be helpful for learning and improving the excel to me.
Hi all

I am excited to join the excel family at Chandoo.

I have been wanting to learn Excel VBA for a while, as i have a mini project that i am working on.

Hopefully will learn a lot from this amazing forum.

Hi all.

Recently discovered this great forum.

I have a small Excel VBA project that i am working on, so am looking forward to learning from this community.

Good day to all!
Hi all.
I have been growing in my knowledge of Excel through videos and books.
So much to learn with new things coming along as well.
Looking forward to HLOOKUP being released to the masses!
Have a great day in the jungle!
Hi all,
I'm Matt, started working for a small/medium local business as their storeman, in October last year.
Amongst some tasks they have asked me to look at making an inventory of stock levels.

Right, so, I have zero knowledge of spreadsheets and forms but so far I've managed to teach myself some parts.. But now I'm stuck!! lol

So I guess I'll make a post in the right bit..

Hope everyone has a good day..
Hi All, I am Syaa from Malaysia,
Currently working as Operation support in small company,
I am still a beginner at excel and would love some tips for a few problems at hand.

Hopefully I can learn a lot from you all,

Thanks in advance.
my name is Roykana. I am an Indian who lives in Indonesia. I am here to study excel, VBA, Power Query.
Greetings to everyone
Hi i'm tetonne from France, i have just joint this forum i often use Excel but want to progress :) Take care and have a nice day
Hi Everyone!

My name is Paul.

I'm currently working at a University in charge of making assessments and examinations. I am not too bad at excel, I can make tables for monitoring/reports with automated formulas and some conditional formatting.

Currently, I am working at home and trying to figure out how to make a question bank in Excel that can be programmed to export to Word using VBA. I have been looking through lots of youtube videos and google search results but so far, I haven't got any success.

Hopefully, someone here can point me in the right direction.

The Excel support I need as stated above is my first priority with Excel, but looking forward to learning more about excel through this site.

Thanks, and keep safe everyone!
Hi all

My name is Shane, I attended a presentation hosted by 'Chandoo' and was extremely impressed. I have been working on Excel my entire career and am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve.

Keep safe all