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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Hi Everyone, Hope You doing well. One of my friends told me about this Website and I really found it very helpful and ultimately decided to be the member of this forum.
My Regard,


New Member
Hey everyone, currently taking an excel class so I stumbled across this website looking for some answers for my struggles! But also using excel for my own personal use, Hopefully I can become more than just amateur with this program.

Elijah Red

New Member
Hey everyone. I started a new job that requires a lot of Excel knowledge and I don't know as much as they need. So I found this website to help me figure out ways to complete my tasks and help me learn.


New Member
What's up, everybody? I have recently started a new job and while it is not extremely excel oriented, I want to enhance my skills so that I can eventually make my way into a more analytical position within this company. I just randomly came across this site, and I think it will be a huge help in getting my skills where they need to be.


New Member
Hi all.

Noob here from UK.

I am looking to learn new IT skills, especially Excel/VBA.

I can see that there a lots of resources to learn Excel/VBA in this great forum.

Looking forward to interacting with the community.