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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
New user here, still fairly new to Chandoo. I've used many other forums in the past, but lately this has been higher on my search results list so I figured it was time to give in and try to contribute, since I've anonymously been a recipient of assistance for a number of years.

I have around 20 years experience in MS Office Professional suite and about 10 years in VBA, with focus in Excel and Access.



New Member
I have discovered Chandoo few weeks ago and I have learnt a lot of tricks on excel.
I try to reapply them in my job and my life.

PS : I'm french and I learn english, so thank you for your understanding.


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HI all
Iam new here and the truth I stumbled across this website- after surfing a few contents- and my reaction was "WOOOW" why have I NOT SEEN THIS BEFORE


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after silently reading severals year your awesome guides for nice charts, now is the time to enter the ship and try to give some of the knowledge back ...


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I am new in this group. I have a file and i would like to make a drill down option inside the file. Attaching the file for what i am looking for. Can any one help me how easily i can get it done.





New Member
New to this forum and looking to add to my knowledge am 60 and want to relearn what i learned in regard to excell several years ago hope i can get saome assistance here.
Would also like to know if it is possible to have one currency in one column and then be able able to have excell convert that cussency to an other in the next column.
hope there is some one with knowledge on this out there. Many thanks Peter from Australia

Mahesh Chougule

New Member
Hi All,
I am Software Developer (VBA) by profession, This forum helped me many times in last 3.6 years of my career. I have joined this forum to explore new things & to gain knowledge.

Thank You.
Mahesh Chougule


New Member
Hello Chandoo.org

I am excited to join this forum as I have gotten a lot of great tips from. I am new learner in VBA world, exicting to learn many things from this forum daily....


New Member
Hi i'm Darren

New to excel VBA / Macros / Formula's and it's still all confusing to me but i'm trying to learn and improve.


New Member

I'm Amy, 29 & from England! I work as a Business Intelligence Analyst & have used Excel for years and very much self taught but like to think I have a good understanding of formulas, pivots, tables, arrays etc and have used VBA and Macros, ... currently venturing into the world of Power Pivot and Power Query. I've been on a few forums and not found them very user friendly so here's hoping this one is! :)


New Member
Welcome Amy,
I hope you find the support you need.
It looks as though you may now be beyond my level of expertise but I expect others can assist.
67, Australia

Esi C

New Member
Hello All,
I'm an excel newbie looking to learn and get good. Pursuing a career as a strategy consultant and expect better excel skills to improve the value I can deliver to businesses.

Raghu Prabhu

New Member
My name is Raghu Prabhu and I live in Melbourne.

Recently my work got rid of Access for some reason, and we have to do all our work in Ms Excel.
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Jimmy QU

New Member
Hello, I just joined this great website as I need some help for excel also if there is something I can help I would love to give a hand on it. Thanks.


New Member
Hello World,

Long time lurker, finally signed up and already solved a problem that has been plaguing me for a while. Most times I get ideas from here and then BRUTE FORCE them into my needs. Lately though I've found many problems where my brute force method is not effective. Enter Chandoo forum sign-up and here i am.