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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Good morning (in my part of the world) to you all. I'm Ed, a lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. I am trying to become more proficient with Excel to aid in analyzing data I receive in my lawsuits.

Happy New Year and Peace on Earth.

(By the way, about my avatar ... do you think it is the opposite of a pointy headed intellectual?)


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Hey all, Steve here.. Been learning from chandoo's tips and tricks. Have had extensive excel training and I find myself playing around with the new ideas that can come around in excel.

Amazing, can only say that excel has made my job 20 times easier than it should be, just by researching on data manipulation.



New Member
Hi all,Kassie here. Old guy who loves Excel, that is prior to 2010! Soon as I get to know the latest edition better, I'm sure I will also love this one! Haven't had any formal training in Excel, or any other subjects computer related, but am as far as I am concerned very computer literate. Love designing difficult spreadsheets, complete with macros added on. Have also helped many people all over the world with tricky Excel applications.


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Hello, I'm Lisa and I only joined yesterday, but have been using this site to help with my excel problems. I love it, very helpful..!


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Hello - I wish I'd found your site back in September! I was a hospital pharmacist for 13 years, but recently started a new profession in commercial energy efficiency. I've been struggling on my own creating new templates for our start-up. I'm hoping to learn how to create attractive forms that also perform calculations.


New Member
Hi, I am Mark, based in London. A Data Analyst for about 2 years mainly for banks and as of 3 weeks ago a Management Information (MI)Reporter.

I have been using Excel for many years and thought I was fairly proficient until I found Chandoo's site while I was scouring the web for help with charts and dashboards.

I have done a bit of VBA programming over the years and OK with formulae and macros but charting and reports have always been my weak area. Looking forward to learning lots here. In fact I have already managed to impress my new colleagues with "my" dashboards. Many thanks Chandoo ;-)

Great site, hope to be able to help others as well as learn lots.


Hi - Juanito here, aka John. I just started hanging around here and gradually became addicted. Some of the stuff I know a lot about, and some of the stuff is all new! Looking forward to getting to know you all.


New Member
Hi - Jason here, I've just started to research Excel as a dashboard tool having been given the unenviable task of creating a sales process/bid management dashboard. To that end I have cheated and bought Chandoo's Project Management Templates as a start, I then hope to learn how to manipulate them to create the dashboard.

All help and assistance gratefully received as my experience with excel has been limited to expenses management, household budgeting and calculating my sales commission. I'm also 3/4's the way through my MBA and only wish I found this site months ago whilst doing my Finance paper.


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Hello everyone I'm se from London............fantastic community of excel wizards and legends hope to learn lots from you guys cheers & thanks a mill


New Member

Using Excel for 6 years.

- Employed in the Australian Liquor Industry.

- Background in Sales Analysis, Category Management, Commercial Finance, Market Intelligence & Insights.

- Currently consulting and getting more serious about it.

Focus on...

1. building Excel tools to make life easier for other people.

2. quantitative data analytics.

3. liquor market intelligence & insights.

4. data visualization.

5. PowerPoint designer.

Not that it needs repeating but this site is awesome.

Thank you


New Member
Hi I'm Phill, working as project manager in Belgium.

I use Excel a lot for reporting and tracking of projects but I also support my colleagues as " Excel Guru" although I'm no that experienced if I read the solutions here at Chandoo. There is still a lot to learn from other people experiences.

I've stranded on Chandoo about year ago when looking for a solution for an Excel Vlookup question and since then I started to read the posts regularly because of the inspiring enthusiasm that Chandoo puts in every of this posts.

For some tasks I think Access (or another database application ) would be better but I'm a real noob yet on this and should make a start of learning this also. Maybe if there would be a Chandoo site for Access ? :)

David the Baker

New Member
Hi there,

I am the co-owner of an artisan bakery. After browsing and learning from this site, I recently started using excel to keep track of standing orders for 50 wholesale customers, farmers markets, our kitchen, and our retail bakery outlet. We now have pivot table production charts for grocery store bread bagging, farmers market bagging, total bread production, par-baked bread, pastry which needs a final proofing, and pastry which needs no proofing before baking. I also have most of our formulas in excel with an input for desired number of items. I also keep track of all product prices in excel and have a spreadsheet that calculates COGS for each item based on current pricing, plus direct labor. My standing order spreadsheet then links to this and shows contribution margin by product and customer.

I'd like to get to the point of having all our invoicing and financial statements in excel, but I'm a little afraid to take that next step.



New Member
Hi forum, I'm a fund accountant for a private equity administration company and have been using excel for 3-4 years. Found this website and have learned many great tips since, looking forward to get some more awesome tips and help out my workpapers and financial statement preparation efficiency.


New Member
Hey David the Baker from above, I have been using excel to prepare financial statements and it's so much easier to do that than using Quickbooks or other software. Let me know if you want to take the next step, I can give some advice on the setup of the excel files if you want to, just trying to help and widen my excel knowledge. LMK.


New Member
Hello All,

I am Sid from Alabama. I've just started an entry-level position in data entry. My duties vary somewhat beyond what the title entails. I am most familiar with MS Access and SQL databases but have to use Excel for a large part of my work, as everyone here is most comfortable using it to handle data. I know that I will be able to gain valuable tips from this forum. I hope that, as I grow, I will be able to contribute some knowledge as well.


New Member

I am Dinesh from Dubai. Was told about this forum by a friend. So far what I have seen is great. I use Excel a lot but need some help for comlplicated stuff. So I hope that this forum will be a help for me and perhaps I can help with a few tips here or there!


New Member
Hey Everyone, Christer here from the UK.

Been browsing the internet for some time in search of ways to develop my proficiency in Excel. It's apparent from reading this Blog that whilst I thought I knew a lot, I know very little.

In the short time that i've been browsing this site I have already learnt so many handy tips/ tricks which I can apply. Many thanks to all who contribute making this such a great source of knowledge.




New Member
Hi, I am Aisha from Pakistan. I am working as Assistant Manager Budgeting & Analysis. Love to create new financial models and experiment different things with Excel. This site have helped me a lot and improved my reporting templates & models to a great deal. Must say excellent work Chandoo. Best of luck for future.


New Member
Hi Everyone, Thank you in advance for your help. I am Joel from Washington DC and I am a business analyst for a consulting firm. I am a relative Excel novice and look forward to learning from all of you!


New Member
Hi, I am Autumn from Corvallis, Oregon. I am a cost and forecasting analyst who spends countless hours in Excel, trying to make it do more than expected while maintaining a slick interface for my users. I was so pleased when my brother recommended this site!


New Member
I am John. When I am not posing for toothpaste ads or modeling the latest in men's underwear for Cosmo, I spend my time developing interplanetary transfer devices. I use Excel to ease the suffering of countless millions.

Or maybe I just use it for my small business.


New Member
Hi I am Biplab and I am a Matric Analyst in a telecom industry. I love to do excel and I try to learn more and more in excel.


New Member
Hello all,

I am Peter and am an PM at an engineering firm. I had some Excel questions that I needed some help with. I hope that you can give me a hand.

Here is my problem:

Let’s say I have 3 columns in excel:

List 1, List 2, List 3: How can I get a merged list of “List 1, List 2, List 3” that captures all of the parts in each list?

For Example:

List 1 = 1,3,5

List 2 = 2,4,6

List 3 = 7,8,9

End result should (in a separate list = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9