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Hello .. Introduce yourself


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Hi All

I'm Bruce, an Accountant, from Durban ,South Africa. Found this site about a month ago and have learnt so much already. Excel school in very informative as well.


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Hello all!

My name is Oscar (Sweden) and I found this blog via google and have been a subscriber since then.

Excel is a powerful tool and this site is a fantastic resource!

I think my strength in excel is array formulas. I hope I can add some value to this forum.



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Hello, im kyrel from Malaysia, every excel work i've done is refering to this site. its very useful. always been here to look for sumthing for learning. hope can learn more in excel.


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Hi All , My name is Harshal . I am a SAP Consultant. I like working with Excel .. love to play with numbers and hope to learn lot more there in the forums and on the site.


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Hi all, My name is John, I'm an Operations Manager & Engineer and still needs lots of help with excel. Don't know if I can add anything to this forum other than lots of questions.
hey hiiii this is anurag from india

currently last year enginering student

i have one question if i can make any last year project in ms excel

is it possible?

if yes then plss help me frends


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Hi all, My name is Damian and I'm a data analyst in liverpool. I found this website about 3 weeks ago and since then I made HUGE progress ! I feel now that Im the boss and Excel is my slave :D not the other way.



My name is Guity. I am an excel user and I enjoy working with it. I am trying to improve on it and learn more and more. I have been to many trainings, but there are things that are never being taught in any class. Finding and learning anything in excel bring changes into my life.

I love this site and I have learned a lot from it.



New Member
Hi. My name is Gilles (gcote). I work in accounting and finance for the hospitality industry. I am an experienced excel user but have not worked with macros. This site has been a great resource for finding tips on how to improve my my excel skills.

Keep up the great work.


New Member
Hi, I'm Eamon,

I am an IT Support analyst in Dublin. I also teach Excel as part of an Adult Education programme at night. I am constantly learning new tips and techniques. The content from my course is free to download here http://goo.gl/D5dC.

Great site and great forum.


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I work as an accountant clerk in Canada - but my job is changing towards analysis and report. I've been following this website for half a year and I love it. Merci beaucoup!


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Hey All, Im Swaroop - working as an Analyst in Project Management Office.

Had hands on experience with Excel and love to experiment on it. Looking forward to Install Excel 2010 yet :(

Currently working on excelling MS ACCESS

Thanks for the forum:)




Hi everyone I am John a small business owner from Redland Bay near Brisbane. I worked in the coal industry for years in marketing and finance jobs and have used Excel almost since it started and before this Lotus123 and Visicalc and Multiplan. But I nearly always used it in a mad panic to get a report or a quick and dirty analysis that was suddenly needed. Now I work in our small business that my wife started and I am really getting to the good stuff like VBA and advanced formulas. Really Excel can do just about everything a small business needs and I have automated rosters, uploading journals to MYOB, stock ordering, time keeping and payroll and other things. I am hoping to do some consulting on the side to help other small businesses so I have become passionate about learning all there is to know that has a practical small business use. I have stuck with 2003 as I thought I should get to a very high level in this before moving to a new release. I might be stuck on 2003 for ever! I love Chandoo's site its one of the very best on Excel I think because it just seems to show how attactive and useful Excel can be in daily life and business if you stay creative.




New Member
Hi all,

My name is Adam, and I'm a mechanical engineer working on IC Engines for Briggs & Stratton. Excel is invaluable to me every day as I process quite a bit of technical data and engine test results, and manipulating it quickly & presenting it in a visually clear way is pretty important. This is a great forum that I've used for tips and tidbits on excel!



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Hi all,

My name is Shruti, and I'm a Software testing engineer working for ItCube Solutions Pvt Ltd. Pune.Excel is invaluable to me every day as I process quite a bit of data and test results, and writing all the data which is in clear way is pretty important from the project point of view. This is a great forum that I've used for tips and tidbits on excel!

Shruti Kulkarni


New Member

I am an RF enginner, I use the excel day to day n my work without excel its quiet diffcult for us . i need to know how to write Macro in excel..


New Member
Hi Chandoo,

My name is Sukumar. I am an MIS EXECUTIVE IN DTDC COURIER& CARGO LTD., HYD. Day before yesterday I have seen this site and really I am lucky and HATS OFF TO YOU.I used the excel day to day and my work without excel its quiet diffcult for us.I am beginner and I need to lern more know how to write Macro in excel.


Hi Chandoo,

My name is Fred from California. Thank you very much for putthing this site up. Great resources. I hope I had found it out sooner.

I consider myself pretty good with MS Excel 2003 (love it!). But after using 1 year of MS Excel 2007 I am still saying I hate it. To me, Excel 2007 is nothing but a clickfest and no too intuitive when it comes to the placements of functions (and loss of certain functions in the 2003 version).

Anyway, great forum you have here. And thanks for all the tips and tricks from all contributors.

My Motto: Don't pay 100% for a product but learn/use only 5% of its functionality.


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hi chandoo,

this is my post on chandoo forum.

my name is zainul form indonesia, i'm interesting with dashboard for project management becuase i prefer report in chart rather than expressed in numbers......


New Member

I am Shaju from Kerala, India.

Really "stumbled upon" this site.....but was amazed seeing such a lot of stuff on excel dashboard preparing (not overlooking other contents).

Hope to hang around here to be more "excellent" in excel.


Hi there...

Am Vijesh, from kerala.

I am little ardent to Excel though i know very less...

Hope i will have good time here with "U"-the masters in Excel...


New Member
Hi..am Dean...from Kazakhstan...looking forward to gather new friends and learn to each other using excel...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..