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Hello .. Introduce yourself


New Member
Hello everybody ! This is Tasin .. I am working as an IT Manager with Credit Agricole Consumer Finance...

I do lots of work related with data and hence love to see excel always behind me to help me. Though I have been using Excel for quite sometime now but i still yearn to learn new things in excel..

I havent tried this site but this looks quite promising...

BTW Chandoo, I used to work at TCS, JNR a few yrs back... :)


New Member
Hello, my name is Robert. I've been a graphic artist for the past couple of decades. I'm currently using an XP machine with the full Adobe CS2 product line, for now. This fall, we'll be going to Win7 and CS5.

Every 3 months I build a book that uses many graphs generated by Excel 2007 then saved as a PDF to be placed into an indesign document. These PDFed graphs come from numerous departments,various sizes and assorted orientations (rotated or upside-down).

What I'd like is a PDF to be one of 2 sizes,

7.25" x 8.75" tall or 7.25" x 4.25" tall

All with the same fonts, point sizes and colours, etc

My Question --

Is there a way to create a graph exporting template that could be emailed to my contributors?


New Member
Hello Group

I'm Ed and I use XL to track and analyze data collected from production units I manage. I've found some really great tips and ideas on PHD and recommend it to my friends.

I am V.Gopalakrishna Rao from Bangalore India. I am working in a bank,as a senior Manager,interested in learning Excel Macros, and Formulas. By searching in the google I found this site, and enrolled to learn the excel.

Thank you in advance to all my friends in this website for helping in future.


New Member
Hello, My name is Mark and I reside in the UK. I've always had a love of tinkering with excel to make forms and tables, but have recently been promoted at work and am in need of a lot more techniques with excel as my collegues see me as some kind of guru. I found this site after a search on Google and think that it is fantastic. I've already been playing with dashboard examples. Not sure what to do with them yet but they will astound my collegues!!!

Hope to hear from some of you in the future



New Member
Good Afternoon. My name is Brent and I am located in SoCal. While rebuilding one of my users computers, in lieu of watching progress bars creep across the screen, I was surfing Google for sites relating to Excel and found myself at Chandoo.org - bookmarked this bad boy with my other Excel resources: Chip Pearson, John Walkenbach, Mr. Excel, Ozgrid, Windows Secrets Lounge (formerly Woodys Lounge).

Very Nice. I look forward to exploring this site.


New Member
Hi everyone, my name is Kader and as a Reservoir engineer I have data I have to deal with and sort out! in addition from time to time we have to present to the management some charts and results in comprehensible form which is not always the way we see data ourselves ;)

from the first day I entered here, I have to confess I started to learn very interesting things!



New Member
Hello Chandoo,

I am an electrical engineer, currently busy developing some dashboards to show how good is our utility performance to our management. I want to make it as meaningful and sensible as it could be to help steer the company more effectively towards the corporate goals and planned targets.

True to your sub heading, I find your web and the lots of helping tools for using MS Excel just awsome as you put it! I read some of your posts and the best part I like is the simplicity and down to earth approach you practice with such ease. You have proved you are beyong the ordinary both in mind and heart! And I mean it.

I have decided to become awesome in Excel!

To start with, let me ask you one question:

Using Excel formula, how can I control the angle of an arc drawn using Shapes or Smartart?

With best regards,



New Member
Hi all,

I am Padmaja from India. Currently working as Analyst. Interested in excelling in excel, i googled and bang.. i discover chandoo.org.

Happy to be here to learn ..



New Member
Hello everyone,

I am jagdish from Mumbai and i work as analyst. I really like this website and follow the feed to learn excel more and use them practically.

I am very thankful to Chandoo for creating this website.



New Member
Hi Chandoo

Your site is truly awesome. I work with small businesses and help them use their data so they can also grow and be awesome.



Melbourne, Australia


New Member
I work in procurement and stumbled onto your site as I was looking for some great dashboard examples and project management tools - I bookmarked this site immediately and have been working my way through all the great tutorials since.

Kevin Lehrbass

New Member
Hi Everyone,

Chandoo's site is awesome! Great tips and downloads. He makes everything look so professional. No dull spreadsheets or charts here!

Chandoo and I are selling the wedding planner. Something I worked on for quite a long time. It was nice to get it finished and start selling it with Chandoo's help :)




New Member
Hi I'm Joel from NYC.

I'm a Drupal web guy. I'm currently working on a project that requires importing very large CSV files into MYSQL through Drupal as individual nodes with multiple fields. Some of that data needs to be processed in Excel before it gets imported. Sounds like a lotta fun, right?

Anyway this site was suggested to me by a friend and as far as I can tell it may very well be the brain-trust I need to get me through this project and possibly others in the future.

Anyone with experience building a formula that allows dropping URL's into a field that will output a field with that URL + embed code tags around it is HIGHLY encouraged to contact me directly. This very well may already exist. But my limited knowledge of Excel is apparent. Though I hope changes with having found this site.




New Member
Hello !

I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !




New Member
Hi All! I am an Education Manager with ADD for a non-profit... I figured it was time to ditch the sticky notes and do some real project management! OUT


New Member
Hi all,

I'm Dave, a data analyst in Warwick, found this site a couple of months ago just looking for faster ways to do things and has now become one of my most visited sites.