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    Forum Migration Freezing on 23AUG2013 [IMPORTANT]

    This has been my avatar for almost 4 years. Am I missing anything :) ?
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    Forum Migration Freezing on 23AUG2013 [IMPORTANT]

    Hi All, The forum migration is underway and should be completed in next 24 hours or so. The process for converting from one database format to another is rather tricky, hence the delay. I will update you once we are ready to roll.
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    The LAST post

    Looks like we may take another 24 hours to have the new forum ready. Will update once we are ready... :)
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    The end of the world is nigh.

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned against you. Sometimes I use notepad++ to clean data instead of Excel.
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    Forum Migration Freezing on 23AUG2013 [IMPORTANT]

    All set for migration. Any time now our migration team will start moving bytes of our forum knowledge to new platform. Reg spammers I have cleaned our user database last night. We have now have only 6000 odd users (from original 76000 or so). My guess is very few spammers are retained in...
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    Forum Migration Freezing on 23AUG2013 [IMPORTANT]

    Hi all, Finally, our new forum software is ready. I am planning to migrate the forum data from old software (current platform) to new software on 23AUG2013 (Friday) at 10AM EST. Our forums will remain closed from that point until 26 August Monday Midnight (EST). What does this mean to you...
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    A new forum....?

    Thanks for excellent discussion and ideas folks. Here is how I am thinking about forum upgrade. 1. We desperately need it. 2. I do not want to go for a forum that has more fancy look. I like simple stuff and hence used bbpress in first place. Ideally, any new forum software we use will...
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    A new forum....?

    Hi all, As you may know, our forum has been under intense spam attack for last several months. This has not only slowed things on our site, but took considerable energy of our lovable ninjas and site admins. The problem for this spam attack is with us. We have been using a old...
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    IMPORTANT - Forum Registration Disabled [for next 10 days]

    Hi all, For several months now, we have been attacked by spambots which register and post spam on the forums. Just now I got an email from our hosting providers raising serious concern about this. As a preventive measure, I am disabling new registrations on the forum. This means, if you are...
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    Histogram Like Line in charts [SOLVED]

    Very interesting solution Hui.. Loved how using OFFSET you are able to generate all the numbers. Here is another solution using error bars. http://img.chandoo.org/playground/Red%20Line%20Chart.xlsx
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    Welcome Ramazan Karim!!

    @Faseeh and all our Muslim friends... Ramazan Mubarak Ho... @SirJB7... if you ever end up in India (may be a Chandoo.org ninja convention.. :P), you can eat Biryani at our house.
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    Pivot table showing unique first and last names

    One easy option is to create an extra column in original data like this, =firstname & " " & last name & " ("&date_of_birth&")" and use this column in pivot table.
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    Thank you!

    @Sajan.. congratulations on completing one year. I am sure many more agree with me when I say "your formulas are some of the most brilliant I have ever seen". I wish you many more years of knowledge, happiness and passion in our forums. @SirJB7: Golden iPads...? I shipped 2 to you when you...
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    Updated Post - Please Read

    The big challenge is we are using an outdated version of forum software. We cant update it as the developers abandoned bbpress almost 2 years ago. Adding any features like recaptcha has to be done by messing with old, unmaintained PHP code. That is why I am hesitant to do it. When I asked my...
  15. K

    Updated Post - Please Read

    Very interesting discussion. @Hui: thanks for taking time to update the rules. @Other ninjas and commenters on this thread: I think most of us answering questions derive a lot of pleasure solving a technical problem and comparing notes with fellow Excel users. So as long as you (answerer)...