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Forum Migration Freezing on 23AUG2013 [IMPORTANT]

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Hi all,

Finally, our new forum software is ready. I am planning to migrate the forum data from old software (current platform) to new software on 23AUG2013 (Friday) at 10AM EST. Our forums will remain closed from that point until 26 August Monday Midnight (EST).

What does this mean to you from now to Friday?

Nothing. You can continue to post questions or answers.

Between Friday to Monday?

You should not post anything from Friday to Monday (End). Anything posted here after Friday 10AM will not be migrated to new forum. That means you will lose any questions or answers published between Friday & Monday.

After Monday?

On Tuesday morning, you will receive a email with your new password & login URL. Use this to access our new forums. All your threads and data will be preserved. That said any links to old forum will not work as new forums have different link structure.

Will I get a warning if I make a post between Friday to Monday?

Most likely you will not see any warnings. The content you submit will go into a black-hole and never appear on the new forum software.

How is the new forum like?

It is pretty good. Wait and see. :)

Any other questions?

Post them here. I will try to answer them until Friday morning.
Hi, Hui!

Multiple nick spammers with the same email won't have place in the new system, but one will remain for each address. It'll all depend on how the migration will be performed, if full or filtering for previous conditions (% of spam posts over total posts, no posts, ...).

But we'll surely feel as if we were in heaven. If such thing exits apart from the religious texts and doctrines, of course.


PS: Just in case, feet fingers too! :p
I am with Hui, I just hope that tagging is down to the Ninjas, this will stop a lot os spamming
All set for migration. Any time now our migration team will start moving bytes of our forum knowledge to new platform.

Reg spammers

I have cleaned our user database last night. We have now have only 6000 odd users (from original 76000 or so). My guess is very few spammers are retained in this new list. Once migrated, everyone (all registered members) can flag posts for moderator attention. This way, we can nick any spammers who are still in our database. Also, the new platform is quite strong is spam registration and post prevention. So lets hope it all works out.

Unfortunately, it does not have any good tagging mechanism. So we will have to resort to "liking" posts if you want to have some sort of bookmarks.
Hi All,

The forum migration is underway and should be completed in next 24 hours or so. The process for converting from one database format to another is rather tricky, hence the delay. I will update you once we are ready to roll.
Let me try this out.

Sub New_Forum()
Dim strMsg As String
strMsg = "The new forum looks good. I like it."
Msgbox strMsg
End Sub

To put code in use
My Code

replace the ( ) brackets with [ ]

Let me try this out.

Sub New_Forum()
Dim strMsg As String
strMsg = "The new forum looks good. I like it."
Msgbox strMsg
End Sub
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