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Chandoo.org Ninjas

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Excel Ninja
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At the Chandoo.org Forums, Chandoo(R1C1) has appointed several Excel Ninjas to help with the operation of the forum.

Who are the Ninjas

Hui: http://chandoo.org/wp/about-hui/
LukeM: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/luke-m.662/
Narayank991: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/narayank991.1512/
SirJB7: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/sirjb7.1781/
Faseeh: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/faseeh.1922/
BobHC: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/bobhc.1896/
Debraj Roy: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/debraj.2226/
Sajan: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/sajan.2774/
Somendra Misra: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/somendra-misra.8794/
Shrivallabha: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/shrivallabha.2442/
Smallman: http://www.thesmallman.com/#!dashboards/cfvg
Deepak: http://chandoo.org/forum/members/deepak.12786/
Khalid NGO: http://forum.chandoo.org/members/khalid-ngo.15425/
Nebu: http://forum.chandoo.org/members/nebu.17440/
Jeffrey Weir: http://forum.chandoo.org/members/jeffreyweir.5316/
Throttleworks: http://forum.chandoo.org/members/throttleworks.1787/
Marc L: http://forum.chandoo.org/members/marc-l.3465/
Asheesh: https://chandoo.org/forum/members/asheesh.16065/
Abhijeet: https://chandoo.org/forum/members/abhijeet.6209/
and No, Chandoo (R1C1) isn't a Ninja!

What are the Ninja's duties

The Ninja's duties include:
- Responding to user questions
- Moderating the Forum
- Deleting spam

What are the Ninja's powers

The Ninjas have the ability to:
- Edit Posts
- Delete Posts
- Mark posts as Spam
- Block or Delete users
(The Ninjas are all Forum Moderators)

What's in it for being a Ninja?

New Ninjas are flown to India New Zealand and presented with Gold plated Samurai Swords with pearl inscribed words "Chandoo.org Ninja", and then you wake up from your dream.

The Ninjas receive no remuneration, salary, inducements or other benefits for being a Ninja beyond the knowledge and warmth gained from assisting others.

Chandoo does make all his paid classes available to the Ninja's for free.

"Believe me that you'll learn more about Excel by contributing to answering questions here than you will by any other method." (Hui '2013)

How do I become a Ninja?

There are no hard and fast rules for becoming a Ninja
It is generally by nomination of an existing Ninja
You need to actively contribute to the Forums over an extended period of time
You need to have a record of assisting people at the Chandoo.org Forums Typically 1,000 posts is seen as a good start (That's answering questions, not asking them).
Writing posts for Chandoo.org also helps you.
Contact Hui for more information if interested.

If you really appreciate the work the Ninja's have done for you or others, you may wish to make a small donation here: upload_2014-8-5_15-35-48.gif
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i wish i become Ninja...it needs work hard...as i am in learning stage..so it take time hope to become Ninja at the end of this Year


I'm learning by reading most of the answers, some times I answer to the easy questions to help ninja relax !!
Microsoft doesn't appear to recognize Ninja contributions for Excel MVP awards.. Can you elaborate on that Hui? I thought there was a form you could fill out where you can apply to be 'assessed' for MVP status, where you outline your contribution to the Excel community.

Hi, my friend!

If I were you I wouldn't care much about it unless you consider very important wielding the MVP badge from Redmond guys.

I recognize that there are a lot of Excel MVPs before whom I have to take off my hat and that have contributed -and still do- to the general knowledge of the community, people in whose blogs or websites shared their invaluable experience acquired thru years of spreadsheeting (yes, mine copyleft), helping people with either issues that should have been never raised (MS bugs and errors) or support that MS didn't provided or help that wasn't documented properly.

Despite of this acknowledge I've read many articles, questions & answers (specially answers) from other people who've been awarded too with the MVP title and I felt a little (so as to be kind and diplomatic, as it's my style) disappointed after reading. I couldn't believe that they:

a) wrote/answered such a nonsense.

b) couldn't know the actual answer.

c) didn't want to answer that question.

d) mistreated people who dared to post simple questions.

e) seemed to be more interested in discuss or write among peers than helping others.

And I'm talking about Excel where the MVP level it's higher than those of other Office applications; you'd get scared of many Word MVP.

I humbly believe that knowledge doesn't go by hand with titles, here we have many members that aren't Ninjas yet but have skills to be KeyMasters, so I'd stick to Hui's above phrase:

"Believe me that you'll learn more about Excel by contributing to answering questions here than you will by any other method." [Hui '2013]

In this site you'll find people whom despite of the badge hold are among the best in their metier, and part of Chandoo's website success is debt to them.

"In 2000, I was named a Microsoft MVP -- an elite group of tech professionals hand-picked by Microsoft. The primary advantage is an annual MVP Summit conference, which allows me to interact with other Excel MVPs. I resigned from the program in 2010."

Quoted from http://spreadsheetpage.com/index.php/siteinfo/about_the_spreadsheet_page,

John Walkenbach's website.

I want to emphasize these part: "hand-picked by Microsoft". That's enough for me.

Being that the primary advantage, I rather prefer the black Amex and the golden iPad from Chandoo :)

Well said, sir. I'd add that I can do some things better than just about any MS MVP. And just about every MS MVP can do some things better than me.
Oops, I really didn't mean that post to really refer to me specifically, but more to make the point that excel is so vast that you can do one little corner of it as good as anyone else if not better, and vice versa.

Is that the right link you've posted? Missed any relevance to this topic.
Ahh...I think you were pointing me to the quote We are all very ignorant, but not all ignorant of the same things. Exactly!


Albert was "relatively" (unnecessary quotes, I guess) right, of course more towards the limit of truth than falseness.

It's true that getting specialized in your little garden from a wide field as Excel or any other multi-faceted subject, might lead to each in its fifth, but even I agree with that (so the link to my antique post) regarding MVPs I didn't try to exactly mean that (once again I'll plead on my non-native English).

The main idea is that even MVP is a valuable and distinguished -for many people-, a merely mention -for other people-, a what? -for the most skeptical-, it ends being no more than a label: what matters is how you do apply what you were supposed to learn, prove or achieve to get that label. If I make an effort I might remember many matters that I have approved with high qualifications and from which I don't neither remember what were they exactly about not how to do satisfactorily anything related. It's how we apply our earned skills, how we use them to solve actual problems or to theorize on hypothetical quizzes, how we efficiently profit from them in our jobs, what it's important.

And one of the cons that makes me move close to other people or the most skeptical is that of "hand-picked by MS". Here I'm obliged to quote myself at:



The Ninja-dom at Chandoo.org is my proud exception.

Nicely put again. I'd say that all MVPs I deal with are more than worthy of the term 'MVP'. Chandoo, Debra Dalgliesh, Jon Peltier, the folks at Daily Dose of Excel, Daniel Ferry all are MVPs and all have my amazing respect. And so do a lot of non-MVPs. So I celebrate those who have been picked for their achievements. And I celebrate those who are yet to be recognised.

And I hope to become one within the next two years. To do this, I'm going to have to do something I like doing anyway...help people out, and help push the boundaries of what mere mortals can achieve with the Excel app.

If I don't one day get MVP status, then I'll be a little disappointed. Okay, hugely disappointed ;-) But I still would have helped a lot of people out, plus interacted with a whole bunch of other very smart excellers, both MVP and not.
If I don't one day get MVP status, then I'll be a little disappointed. Okay, hugely disappointed ;-) But I still would have helped a lot of people out, plus interacted with a whole bunch of other very smart excellers, both MVP and not.

I would echo this sentiment. :)
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Hi All ,

I think the comment made by Walkenbach might have been made tongue-in-cheek ; there is nothing that Microsoft 'hand-picks' MVPs ; to say so is to devalue all those thousands who are MVPs and who are proud of being one ; otherwise , all those who are MVPs would not display the logo on their websites / blogs.

Walkenbach could have resigned from the program for his own reasons ; after all , being an MVP is a huge responsibility ; we may all envy a beauty pageant winner , but along with the award comes its own responsibilities and obligations ; not many of us might want that baggage.

To those who still aspire to become one , this link gives some information :




Very useful and interesting link, thanks for sharing it.

Regarding "might have been" and "could have" about JW words, those are verb conjugations frequently used by journalists for legal reasons related to actions for which otherwise they would be sued.

In third-party articles, notes, comments, I'd accept the tongue-in-cheek meaning for his phrase but not a priori on his formal website, even less in the "About" page under the "Biographical" section. At last he's a highly serious technical writer and author, even if he used to joke those don't seem to be the places where he did.

Just a little use of Google search features and this comes up:


I'd like to quote this part of 3rd paragraph:

"I'd free up my slot for someone who actually appreciates it -- or maybe someone who could get a career boost from it"

and I almost forget this of the 2nd:

"I've never participated in anything MVP-related, except attend a few Summit conferences"

I fully agree with JW point of view regarding MVP title, just about the title and the awarding method, not the postulation method, only the awarding one.

Fortunately we all have the freewill to take things from the source where they come from, and I have my strong opinion about Redmond guys policies and practices.



Hats off, man, hahaha...


PS: I'd like to see you playing banjo with a horse tail.

I never searched for the attitudes of MS and their handpicked MVPs, thanks for sharing the info. and I totally agree with Luke and the statement he quoted from Hui.

Why i am crazy about this blog is that it i learn new things here and people share and appreciate openly, they have sense of humor and this blog gives me opportunity to talk to people across the world. That is just enough for me.

@jeffreyweir: ;)

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