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  • Hi, I need to paste excel range as bitmap on power point slide. But while pasting if my range height is greater than slide height then range has to be split into two slides accordingly. For e.g. My range height is 600 and my slide height is 540 then data has to be paste as per the height i.e. 540 on first slide and 60 on second slide
    No worries Naryan, actually I found a solution I have a new question which is how to count unique value from a column based on the fact that the cells in a second column must not be blank and cells in a third columns can or cannot be blank, therefore 2 conditions...Thanks
    Hi Narayan
    I am new to VBA and would like to change a date&time format "m/d/yy h:mm" to "dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm" with vba
    Hi Mike ,

    Can you please post your question in the forum , in the Ask An Excel Question section of the forum ?

    It is late tonight and I can reply only tomorrow ; if you post this in the forum , you might get an answer immediately.

    Hi Narayan,

    Let me just explain this way then:

    Reference is a "Name" changes in real time based on a List selection. I get an error in this. Any help is appreciated.

    Hi ,

    I find it difficult to understand unless you can provide the context by uploading a workbook where this formula is to be used , along with the definition of the named range Reference.

    helloo Sir, I would like to ask u some suggestions how to send multiple emails as for one license in one cell. I have tried in one cell to add more than one but it does not work. Is there anything that I can format it in a way in vba to send multiple users emails for one particular license.. Your help and suggestions is highly appreciated sir.. tq
    Respected Sir, Apologies for posting here,

    Kindly help with the Avoid Circular reference post, solution by changing the equations if you have time. Thank you very much,

    with regards,
    Hi Narayan,

    I'm new to this forum and required your help. As I'm new step born in MIS field, trying to create a Macro for preparing Checklist using Check box towards reports sent in outlook. If it is possible, please confirm and so i can share a sample workbook.
    Narayan Sir, Hi and Good Day...

    I have noticed, since yesterday, my first post is going for mod approval.

    Yesterday when I posted my 1st, i saw msg of mod approval, but did not for 2nd post.

    Today, I posted just one.

    Is it happening with me only or it is with everyone?

    Thank you,

    Hi Khalid ,

    Sorry , but I saw this post very late at night. Has your problem been resolved ?

    I am not facing this problem.

    In case your problem persists , please take it up with Hui ; he can resolve it.

    Khalid NGO
    Khalid NGO
    Hi Narayan Sir,

    No problem Sir, I just post my today's first reply, and there is no mod approval notification :)

    I will ask Mr. Hui if it happened again.
    Thank you Sir.
    Have a good day.
    Respected Sir, Sincere apologies for posting. I need your help for the Insertion of columns issue. I tried reading a lot of codes in various forums, but I could not find any solution on the last 3 columns selection and for start columns from a cell.
    I can only rely on you for this help, I am pressured a lot to provide this as soon as possible
    Kindly help, thank you for your support as always,

    with regards, thomas.

    I started working on one excel file.

    I am not aware which shortcut i had used, but new excel sheet was open with file name excel:2 and old as excel:1 both with same data.

    When was updating one excel:1 - for eg. A1 cell as ABC same was automatically updated in excel:2 ( A1 cell - ABC).

    Later i have said and closed the sheet, however i was not able to understand. how it was created?

    can any one help me out.
    Thank you so much Sir, for being there in this world to guide and support millions of job seekers and help seekers, you are an institution, that only gives freely.

    I pray and thank God for a master piece and great guide.
    Hi Sir,

    can you please tell me one Formula regarding attendance sheet.

    i just want to find out the last working day of the employee.

    pls suggest me.
    Hi Sir, Please tell me how can insert button use in excel sheet row insert and delete...Lock sheet use in row insert and delete
    Dear Sir, Apologies for sending this message in your post. Kindly help me with the ABC file, we have to prepare report for the month of May with the analysis.
    Apologies again.
    Thank you so much,
    with regards, thomas
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