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Recent content by Luke M

  1. Luke M

    Posting code to Chandoo.org.

    Where it gets placed. Here is inline code Here is regular code So, might use inline when you want to just paste a single line of command, like to say: Change line 5 to be Application.ScreenUpdating = False and you should be good.
  2. Luke M

    Posting code to Chandoo.org.

    In the editor, click the button with 3 dots, and you'll see an insert option
  3. Luke M

    Facing nesting error and could not find where it is getting wrong. please advise.

    Working with what we have, you could solve Q1 a little easier then by using some OR/AND functions. That'll help you get around any nested function limits.
  4. Luke M

    How maximum nested if function allowed?

    In Office 2003 or earlier, it 7. Newer versions can go up to 64 functions deep. However, in your case, it looks like you're just wanting to build a dependent validation list. https://www.contextures.com/xlDataVal02.html
  5. Luke M

    Facing nesting error and could not find where it is getting wrong. please advise.

    This seems like a poorly built table. For instance, what if someone is Full Time, with high salary, but scored a 5? For that matter, there appears to be no way for a Full Time person to get anything besides "Average" or "Poor". Q2 is much easier, where when given number 1-12, to get the month...
  6. Luke M

    Conditional Formating

    Since Sunday is WEEKDAY = 1, we can use a CF formula like this on cell A2 =WEEKDAY(A2)=1
  7. Luke M

    VBA Code needed to Find Value in Column, Change Color of Cell if Value Found, Else End

    For the basic MsgBox, you can't change the color. If you want to build your own UserForm, then you would be able to customize the color. In your case, it wouldn't be too bad since we're just displaying info. Could be a form with caption and button. You'd need to Load the user form, set value of...
  8. Luke M

    VBA Code needed to Find Value in Column, Change Color of Cell if Value Found, Else End

    Here's your code. Sub FindAndColor() Dim fCell As Range Dim firstAdd As String Dim myCount As Long 'Where are we searching With Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("D:D") 'What are we looking for? Set fCell = .Find(what:="T3RRF2", LookIn:=xlValues...
  9. Luke M

    How to convert a large string into multiple lines (=10 characters)

    Here's a function you could use. Function LineSplit(strStart As String, lngLength As Long) Dim i As Long 'Remove any existing line breaks strStart = Replace(strStart, Chr(10), "") For i = lngLength To Len(strStart) Step lngLength + 1 strStart = Left(strStart...
  10. Luke M

    Showing Product production in line

    Duplicate post. Please refer to your earlier thread.
  11. Luke M

    Remove password

    I understand your concern, but my disagreement with it is that Excel doesn't really offer "security", it offers "protection" in these cases. The distinction is that the former refers to keeping files secure, and away from the wrong people. The protection that most people use in XL (sheets...
  12. Luke M

    Remove password

    Yes, it'll unlock any VBA projects you have open at the time of running (add-ins, hidden workbooks, etc.)
  13. Luke M

    How to make drop down list except the selected name in the particular cell

    We can use formulas to build a new list that doesn't include selected items. I also built your dynamic validation as wlel.
  14. Luke M

    Copy all visible cells excluding blank and zeros

    Since you've already got a filter applied in a way (you're checking for visible cell), then I'd just add another criteria to the filter to hide the cells with 0 and blank. Then it's a simpler copy & paste.
  15. Luke M

    macros for vlookup in dynamic range with two worksheets

    Hi trividha, You'll get more responses if you start a new thread rather than tacking onto an older one (especially one from 2015).