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Specify row number to use for a formula


New Member
I have data for each person in rows.
I create a display or a formula using the values in one row. How do I now create the same display with a different row.
NameStart-DateMonthly Salary
Joe15-MAR-2018 11,522
Fran01-JAN-2021 720
Jane01-APR-1997 119,356

I create a display using data in Row a:

Row to use: A
name: Joe
startdate: March 15, 2018
Annual Salary: $138,264

Now I want to specify to use a different row to display

Row to use: C
name: Jane
startdate: April 1, 1995
Annual Salary: $1,432,272

How do I specify which row to use by simply entering the row value into a cell?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

Next, When learning Excel ensure that you use the correct nomenclature/names for various objects

eg: Your question says:

I create a display using data in Row a:

Row to use: A

But you actually mean

I create a display using data in Row 2:

Row to use: 2

Rows are Horizontal and numbered 1 to 1,048,576
Columns are vertical and are labelled A to XFD

As you will have a Header Row, your data starts in Row 2, Not Row A

Finally I would use an Index match Formula


or see the attached file: