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Adding XL version

Is there no way on the forum one can add his/her XL version to the profile so it is visible to all ?
Indeed, in our user profile there could be a section for it, much alike on the Mr Excel and other forums. Since MR Excel forum is using the same platform, I guess it's doable.
What about this as Christmas gift for your user forum, r1c1?
Have any mods/admins read this? Can anything be done? It's most important with all the new features O365 has


e.g. If you and I post here, another member would read our posts.
If you could get someone else interested in the same writing
it would be better to add these members to our writings.
In this case, Staff Members could do something, we could only keep on writing.
it would be better to add these members to our writings.
I see, and how is the best way to achieve that here ? ( on EF admins and mods regularly read (and react to) the "Water cooler" so I thought it would be the same here)


The best way ... what would be it?
I know some possible ways - to let enough high rank in this Forum to know something like these.
I use only this Forum and I don't know other Forums some roles possibilities.

Did You know that same 'kind' of thread has opened Dec 28, 2021

Did You know that same 'kind' of thread has opened Dec 28, 2021

All the more shocking, then, that nothing has been done about it and the powers that be seem to care little enough about it even to comment in that thread.

I am on other forums (I moderate on three of them): one of them has had this facility since before I joined, and another added it the first time a member asked if it was possible. I don't know if it's possible here, but a simple response from someone in the know would be enough to answer that.
My post has been edited with this comment:

Some proposals can go through better if they are addressed to the right address.

Please tell us whom we should approach and how to get this matter looked into. If you don't tell us whom to address, then how can we get any proposal through?
Yes, of course, and none of them has responded to your tagging them. So who else is there that we can approach? How else can we get a response from them?

If it's not possible to do, then all that one of them has to do is say so here and in the earlier thread. Why their unwillingness to engage with the membership?

I don't have solutions, no, which is why I'm asking here. I don't have any knowledge of this particular software platform, as it's not used on the other forums where I moderate. If I did, I would be telling you how it could be done.

What would have been nice from you (and what I would have done in your position ) is to offer to ask the powers that be whether this is possible and then report back here. Instead, you just seem to be being defensive and not really very welcoming to the suggestion. I find that a bit odd, to be honest. Is the membership not expected/allowed to ask for improvements?
I haven't gotten any responses yet.

My personal opinion is that
all thing could do better way everywhere.
Even this ( adding xl version)
is not any challenge before other kind of solution,
if member would follow Forum Rules:
  • When drafting a question, try and lay out the question in a clear and concise way.
  • Try and tell the readers what is the situation, what have you tried and what do you want to achieve.
There can write eg which Excel version replies expects.

Everyone can use Contact us -link in the end of page

Everyone should also read:

Now, it's time to wait
what will happen
when will happen
close this thread for a response from staff members.
Hello everyone. Sorry for not seeing this until today; long weekend for me. I agree that conveying what version of Excel someone is using is a key piece of information. With the current forum tools available, there's certainly nothing stopping us from including that info in a signature. You could also put it in your About Me section (although I admit I don't read other's profiles often so not sure that would be helpful).

But as Vletm pointed out, we also have bigger (common) issues. Trying to get people to clearly explain an issue is surprisingly hard, not just on this forum but on almost any Excel forum. I know I took a hiatus from this forum for a bit because I was burned out from answering the same questions over and over and it felt like a losing battle. These days, I spend most of my time dealing with the Spam and other reports. Hui has also significantly decreased his forum activity over the past few years. That's not an excuse, just being honest that I know I'm not here as much as I used to be.

Back to the original question, I suppose I'd be curious how much of a benefit it really provides. As a solution writer, I'll usually cover my bases and provide a solution that works on latest build as well as an older solution. I try to keep in mind that the solution reader might not just be the OP, but future readers (who may not even join the forum) who are searching and trying to find an answer.
Thanks for reopening this thread.

It has had a huge benefit on ExcelForum. It means that we can easily target the version being used when offering solutions. There is such a vast difference nowadays between what functions are available, even between 2019, 2021 and 365, that having some idea of the version is crucial to not wasting time for either the helper or the OP. Our members are (mostly) more than willing to keep that part of their forum profile updated.

Please do give it some consideration. Thanks again for a very open and reasonable response.
Sorry pecoflyer, but I have been researching and trying to see if that's an option with our current platform. I can see and we've discussed porting to a different forum platform, but so far that is being considered a larger undertaking than we want to do for just a "quality of life" improvement. I've got a few more things I'm checking, and will post back when I know something more.
It is definitely possible to add custom user profile fields in XenForo. I can't speak to how difficult it is though.
@Luke M
Well, I've just glanced at the documentation attached to post #24 and it looks as if a custom text field under the avatar to collect whatever information you like is entirely possible. No need to move to other software! So - how about giving it a try?