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New Member
I have a question for an IT class that I can not complete.

I need to show this in a spreadsheet, and can't seem to get a formula that will work.

Q. Given that POSIX time starts at midnight, Jan.1, 1970, in what year will time run out? Use a spreadsheet to show the calculations.

A. I know through research that the answer is 1/19/2038, but can not find a formula that will yield that date.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

I would setup 2 cells with the 2 dates say A1 and A2

just enter 1/1/1970 and 19/1/2038 as appropriate for your country

Then in the adjacent cells B1 and B2 Just do a +A1 and A2

Change the number formats to Comma or Number

Then in B3 do a =B2-B1, which should return the number of days between the 2 dates

Hope that helps