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Where to find our old Threads and Book Marks from the Old Forum


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I have Small Doubt that is how to find our Book Marks and Important Subjects which was settled in our Old Forum. Due to i have some important books are in there but i can't find them here and in my profile too

Kindly Suggest me about this


Hi SP,

Sadly, my technique so far is simply to use the Search tool. I can limit by author, and that often helps. Whenever I happen to come across an older thread referenced as a good "how-to-do-this...", I try to take the time to update the hyperlink. However, if the thread has something like "Excel question", then it becomes very difficult...
Do you remember the title of the thread of interest?
Hi Luke

Thanks for your Replay, sorry i can't remember that and i tried to search with few wards but i can't, and one more thing in my book mark there is one thread which is hui replied for restrict the file to work in another system with IP address or what

any help about this

If you have a bookmark/favorite link saved to what the old thread was, that may be of help. Old forum used a syntax like
We could use the thread title from the link to give us a starting point.
What do you mean? Do you have a link you are trying to use, or is all this just from memory?
No Luke

I can't remember the links because they are too old and i try to remember they are but i can't now. it's ok no problem when i remember then sure i will knock your door bell

One more thing, for what i am searching is

i have created some excel files and i want these files are run only in my system not to run in another system if some body take them secretly to their pen drive or mail


Have a look at the attached file:

In ThisWorkbook code module there are two Subroutines

run MyIPAddress to return your IP address
Note it down

Then modify the Workbook_Open subroutine

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

'Change to suit the PC your working on
If GetIPAddress(False) <> "" Then ActiveWorkbook.Close False
'Put your IP Address in the location above
'Once the above line is uncommented you can only run this on the PC with the correct IP Address

End Sub

Save the file as a *.xlsm or *.xlsb file type
Once saved the file will only open on the PC with the Required IP address


  • CheckIPAddress.xlsm
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Hi, all!
Old Forums... what's that? were there any time in the past such a thng? Naaahhh... I don't think so.
@Luke M
Hi, my friend!
Nice to read you once more time. Things in my country improving? Only if for iimprovement you mean higher inflation (40-50% annual), fighting against confirmed sentences of courts that we chose apply (USA, NY, Griesa), bearing each day more government trying to sell us the idea of victims and a country like Neverland... if so, we're masters of the improvement.
However I managed to articulate a couple of projects for the next 2 years that are armored against local junctures.
Is everything quiet here, always using golden iPads (I didn't received my Air model yet, I know, "It's in the mail") and getting more credit on corporate Amex Black?
Glad to hear things are going so well! </sarcasm> :(

But yes, things are going well here. Narayan has taken over as lead ninja...although Somendra Misra is making a run at being the fastest rising . :p
Hi, buddy!
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@Luke M
Hi, my friend!
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And about SM, it was time that someone among the Ninja works... besides me, of course.
Hi, buddy!
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