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What excel books members are reading / recommend


I read the “Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA” by John Walkenbach.

If you are very new to excel VBA, I would recommend you to take VBA classes at Chandoo.org, and when you read books it helps you understand VBA in detail.

“Excel 2010 Power Programming with VBA” is the one of the best book to learn Excel VBA. It’s very informative well written book, and helps people more who are not quite beginners’ not quite experts.

Finally Forums are always best platforms to learn, learn and learn :) (To become expert...)
All the best.

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Hi Sachinbizboy

I read J Walks 2002 Power Programming tome. It is very good. I think however things have changed quite a lot since I purchased his fine work. You will reveal more about the inner workings of XL by latching on to multiple forums like Chandoo and looking at just about everything that comes up. Pick a gun like Hui or another XL sage who posts a great many times and look intently at they way they address problems. Look at problems that have been solved and without looking at the answer - answer them!!! Then compare your answer with the guru who answered it. Post answers to questions and don't be afraid to get it wrong. If other people post a different answer or a 'better' answer don't see it as anything other than a learning experience. Personal experience, on another forum there is a guy who posts after I post almost every time for a long time. I initially saw this as a bad thing till I picked up that I was starting to code like him, then I honestly wanted him to post after I did as he was and remains one of the finest coders I have ever come across. He shaped my learning and I became better because of him. God Bless him!!!

I have watched multiple people go from having what I would describe as a basic knowledge of XL to having a superior knowledge in 6 to 12 months. Persistence and determination and a single minded focus can not be underestimated and no book will teach you that.

Sachinbizboy I admire your thirst for learning and encourage you to charge ahead and will watch out for your posts in future ;)

Hi Sachinbizboy,
I will look to others to comment on any of the VBA books out there. (I have not read any of them since I find a quick Google search is more efficient for my occasional dabbling in VBA!)

I would encourage you to get at least a basic understanding of data structures, data modeling, etc. (Any introductory Computer Science book should help you with that. Or, you can Google those topics, and you will find a wealth of info.) The knowledge of data structures, data organization, etc. come in very handy whether you are writing a computer program or a formula.

Hi Colin Sir,

I am able to complete only 1st chapter of the book yet.
It is a very detailed book, so at present I am browsing topics which are familiar to me.

Reading a topic on which I have worked earlier seems to be easier to understand than a completely new.

@ SirJB7, thanks a lot for the link, I am just going through it.
Looks very interesting.

@ Sajan, thanks a lot for the help, I will certainly follow your advise.

Have a nice day. :)

That is a pretty heavy book for a first timer. You probably have a brain like a well ripened Halloween Pumpkin so could breeze through it. :)

Take care

A well ripened Halloween pumpkin?!! Since it is Halloween season here, this piqued my interest!
What does a well-ripened Halloween pumpkin look like? Is it the size, the softness, the juiciness, aroma, color, or the density of the pumpkin flesh (or perhaps all of the above!) that would be relevant for this comparison? Curious minds want to know!! :D
I was going to say Col had a brain the size of a disabled toilet but I thought he might be offended. But if you think of the analogy it would suggest he has an overly large scone!!! But Sajan if I had to draw a comparison it would relate to the size and density as those Orange Pumkins tend to be engorged. Nice way of thinking about it in this Halloween season!
Hi, Hui!
I didn't noticed that yet, but congratulations for the mention, which BTW I hope you've discovered it a few years ago.
“Stick with it”, yes Sir, I will definitely do this, thanks for the advise.

@ Hui Sir, thanks for the link, not able to open (net problem) will re-try in some time.

Have a nice day ahead. :)
I was a Beta tester for John's PUP utilities for several years from 99-07
John did warn me before he published it!
Hi everyone,

I looking at buying a book on data analysis / business modelling / financial modelling for Excel 2010.

I'm a semi competant Excel user (understanding of course that there is always way more to be learnt from people who know masses and masses more than me!) and I've recently started a job where I'm modelling (data, not clothes - I'd make a terrible catwalk model).

I want to buy something that can show step by step the best practice way of modelling data, the way experienced pros do it, rather than my commonsense self taught approach. From getting the data and structring it through to building in scenarios.

I've made a shortlist of (not listed in any order of preference):
  1. Financial Modelling - Simon Benninga
  2. The Economist Guide to Business Modelling - John Tennent
  3. Microsoft Excel 2010: Data Analysis and Business Modelling - Wayne L. Winston
If anyone has read any of these or can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

P.S - I will always use the forum and the website, both are brilliant! Got my boss using INDEX MATCH now instead of VLOOKUP - he loves it!!!

P.P.S - sorry the post is a bit verbose!
I am currently reading Excel 2013 Bible that I ordered from Amazon. As far as a complete, well organized book on Excel? There is no other compared to this book. Get it, keep it handy, you will really enjoy the speed with which you can find material of immediate value to your work.