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Visualizing and Charting Data for Daily, Weekly and Monthly


New Member
I was tasked with coming up with a Chart(s) that would updated on a daily basis to display on slides on monitor in plant.

The data displayed would be for each Department (Area) Print, Die Cut and Finishing (Packed& Glued)

Slide 1
The Daily Production Goal
Production for Yesterday & % of Goal

Slide 2
The Weekly Production Goal
Production for Last Week & % of Goal
Production for Current Week to Date & % of Goal

Slide 3
The Monthly Production Goal
Production for Last Month & % of Goal
Production for Current Month-to-Date & % of Goal

Attached is a file with sample data. Not sure how to best chart the data.

My guess is we would put the Charts on a Power Point and each production area's monitor would rotate between the 3 slides.

Any help would be appreciated. Outside of the basics in Excel, most of the advanced functions I have pick-up from google searches and watching videos on formum like Chandoo (great resource)