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Visualizing and Charting Data for Daily, Weekly and Monthly


New Member
I was tasked with coming up with a Chart(s) that would updated on a daily basis to display on slides on monitor in plant.

The data displayed would be for each Department (Area) Print, Die Cut and Finishing (Packed& Glued)

Slide 1
The Daily Production Goal
Production for Yesterday & % of Goal

Slide 2
The Weekly Production Goal
Production for Last Week & % of Goal
Production for Current Week to Date & % of Goal

Slide 3
The Monthly Production Goal
Production for Last Month & % of Goal
Production for Current Month-to-Date & % of Goal

Attached is a file with sample data. Not sure how to best chart the data.

My guess is we would put the Charts on a Power Point and each production area's monitor would rotate between the 3 slides.

Any help would be appreciated. Outside of the basics in Excel, most of the advanced functions I have pick-up from google searches and watching videos on formum like Chandoo (great resource)



Excel Ninja
Hint: If You want to get answers then You should able to give new or modified information.
bump ... hmm? ... maybe something else would help You better?
eg1 If You would give a sample layout - what do You really would like to get?
eg2 If there would be dates (in Data) as dates (those are texts) then some daily based output would be possible.