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weekly and monthly monitoring


New Member
can someone share a analytic template of daily data
data are
first row = date
no matter how many rows that we what to follow in this monitoring/

in my opinion calculated data could be :
- month of the date
- week of the month
- week of the year (?)

the file could analyse weekly and monthly trends with graph (dynamically chosen)

it could be great to have also a analytic table with statistical for a defined month of week

for all datas

and sherry on the cake box blot for the month comparaison
data of the month are values in the first file of course

thanks a lot
best regards

based on that file...


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Any news…?
@Chandoo may be an idea for your next very usefull template, box plot and histogram or curve…
an interactive viewer for data in row data (could be great to change the analysis row and update graph linked to the chosen data row


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