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The result of a formula must be multiples of x

Hans Öjes

New Member
Hi. I am wondering how to force the result of a formula to only show multiples of a certain number. For example. If the multiple =6, and the formulas result is 4.5, it should display 6. If the result is 7.5, it should display 12

1.2 => 6
5.5 => 6
6.5 => 12
8 => 12
11.5 => 12
14 => 18
18.2 => 24


// Hans


Excel Ninja
Staff member
We don't have a closed thread option
1. You may want to extend the question
2. Somebody else may have a simpler or different solution
3. Somebody else may light to thank us for the solution as well

These maynot be the case in this thread, but thats why we don't close them