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Subtraction of two digits of more than 15 digits

Hany ali

Active Member
hello every one
i want your Help ,how to Subtract Number from another and both of them it contains More than 15 Digits ,for Example
1100848020058807-1100848020058800 = 7


Hany ali

Active Member
thanks alot
Well done, always creative, generous professor -you have all my love and respect
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Excel Ninja
Staff member
I'm not sure what you mean as I can add numbers to them

Did you save it as a Macro enabled file and open it with Macro's Enabled

Also with numbers larger than 15v digits put a single ' at the front
eg: '1234567890123456789

Hany ali

Active Member
thanks alot for Your Replay me, as you see in the photo ,i make the file as XLSM ,and i put elso asingle ' at the front
i want to see the result ,Not Correct


Hany ali

Active Member
Thank you very much and very sorry for your tiredness
And indeed at the hands of your presence and graciously you and you are credited with solving my problem
Thank you, Professor Generous with all my heart
and elso thanks alot for mr.Hui