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Simple copy file macro


I need a very simple macro to copy a file from one folder to another. Based on some internet searches I came across Ron DeBruin's webpage for this and attempted to use the one file copy. I also looked at the MS documentation for FileCopy

My one line of code in the macro (wrapped in the Sub and EndSub of course) would be:

FileCopy ("H:\SourceFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx", "H:\DestinationFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx")
When I run this, the error I get is "Compile Error: Syntax Error"

My understanding of the FileCopy is it should be FileCopy (Source as string, Destination as string). I assume "as string" means to wrap it in double quotes like above.

What am i missing here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it is something simple I have overlooked.



Excel Ninja
Staff member
FileCopy "H:\SourceFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx", "H:\DestinationFolder\SourceFileExample.xlsx"
without the Brackets


Thanks, Hui.
Removing the parenthesis worked on my sample files. That led me back to the actual files on my network to see what might be the issue. I am copying this one file across directories so I tested keeping it in a different folder in the same directory and that didn't work.
Then I looked at the file name itself and that was the issue. This file comes from a stored procedure (SP) using a SQL query and it writes out the file name with segments of where the data came from like "Segment1.Segment2.Segment3.Filename.xlsx".
I made a copy of the file and renamed it without the segments and the process worked fine.
So, I will add a step in the macro to copy the file, rename it, and then copy the renamed file to where it can be readily accessed by the end user.
Or, I may rename the file before I copy it to a new location. The SP overwrites what is there from previous day so the file not being there shouldn't be a problem.
Or, I may ask our IT guys to save the file without the segments. (No telling how long that will take).

Thanks for the help in getting me over the hurdle. I should have tested that simple change before I sent out a call for help.
But, now everyone knows about the segment issue.