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Row Level Security in PBI

Sanket Katdare

New Member
Hi There,

Hope you are doing well !!!

I'm a new user of Power BI, trying to put into practice what I've learned from YouTube and other online platforms, but where I get stuck I need expert guidance like you.

I have developed a small dashboard and planning to share it with a larger group with row-level security using [Email Id] = USERPRINCIPALNAME()

When I publish my dashboard and shared the link with collogues they face a loading error, when I tried to resolve I come to know I need to give permission, I gave viewer permission but still, same error was appearing, Loading started when I moved them to "Members" but Row Level Security stopped working. Everyone can see everything, regardless of the assigned row-level security.

What's wrong with my setting? Why PBI is not working as expected? I need your guidance, I want to share the same dashboard with a larger audience, could you please help me develop a row-level or similar setting in PBI?

Thanks & Regards,