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Recommended Developer For Hire?

indi visual

New Member
I appreciate developers taking the time to assist when needed (it's so much I've learned over the past three weeks (and this forum is the most friendly and organized in my opinion).

Quite frankly though, if I could just pay someone to do this for me it would make things substantially easier.

Even though I've been luck enough to have 'Hui' and others assist me exceedingly on this site, the fact is there's no accountability when you seek free assistance.

You post a question and you cross your fingers. You might get an answer immediately, or it may take a few hours. You might get an answer you can actually understand enough to implement, or if you don't it's because you broke the posting rules because that's unfortunately more important than the question sometimes in most forums.

Please forgive my frustration, but I trust this site and I know I can get a good recommend for a developer I can pay to adjust a few things for me.

I'm simply desperate and running out of time for this project. I don't have the knowledge and the skill to teach myself through this stuff in the time that I need to.

The last thing I want anybody to think is that I'm lazy. When you put 10+ hours in on trying to figure stuff out for 3 in a half weeks...

It's time to hire someone (lol)


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Free public forums are not a replacement for in-house or outsourced project development.

If your business can't justify the cost of real development, then you should question what your trying to do and simplify it with manual / semi automated systems. Often through the system analysis process you can identify deficiencies in even manual systems.

You probably should email Chandoo directly at http://chandoo.org/wp/about/ and ask for consulting rates to develop such a system to do what you want, or Daniel at ExcelHero.com http://www.excelhero.com/contact/contact.html

You will need to spend a bit of time scoping what you want, inputs, outputs, standards for names, reference tables etc


Quite honestly, I have watched you spraying questions all over the place, at many forums,and it is my considered opinion that you would be a nightmare to work with. I would suggest that you sit down in a dark room and properly consider what it is you are trying to do, what your business drivers are, what the key data elements are, what your timings and performance expectations are, and what information you need to get. With that you might be in a position to commission someone to provide the work that you need.

indi visual

New Member
@ Chandoo Forum | Hui

After reading my initial post above again, I realized it was a bit tacky now that I had some time to cool off, and I would like to offer a general apology. I was very frustrated and upset at the time, and everything I could think of was not working. I would also like to again thank everyone in this forum for assisting me with all the various questions I throw out there. Your responses are appreciated.

@ xld

First and foremost please speak on facts before insulting me. I know exactly what I want (so please do not confuse that with you not knowing what I want). Secondly, this post is not to take shots back at you, but simply to inform you I am "spraying questions all over the place" because I have no where else to go for answers (I thought that was what excel forums were for). If there was a one stop excel shop down the street I could just walk in to, then perhaps I wouldn't vandalize the internet with all of my random questions.

As for my expectations, you would actually consider me a dream to work with (and not a nightmare), because I know EXACTLY what I want and my expectations are fair and reasonable (I just don't know how to get there alone without help). Although what I learn I would like to make use of at work, I am learning excel for non-business related personal interest.

Everything I am looking to accomplish with excel can be done. Everything in excel I am looking for I have clearly mapped out, and now all I have to do is get there...

...one spray at a time.


New Member
@xld & @indi: I would appreciate if you do not take the argument any further. Arguing is not awesome, problem solve is.

@Indi... I do some excel consulting work. But I sell only limited hours (<20) per month and I am quite packed until mid of December. But I may be able to help you out if the work requires less than 2-3 hours. Can you drop me a note with what you want and I can get back to you? Just send email to chandoo.d @ gmail.com. You can find more details about my consulting at - http://chandoo.org/wp/excel-consulting/