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Problems with xlsb format


New Member
I have a template in xlsb format ( lets call this t.xlsb) that I use to create reports using Access 2007 & vba. This template has 2 sheets, each with a pivot table.

Whenever I make changes to the template and run the reports, the reports get corrupted. So I do the following steps

1. save the template as another one (lets call this one the t1.xlsb).

2. Rename t.xlsb to new.xlsb.

3. rename the t1.xlsb to t.xlsb

4. delete new.xlsb.

I repeat these steps every time I make changes to the template, to avoid corruption of reports.

Any suggestions to avoid these 4 steps after making changes.

Thanks in advance.

Backup the file

Open the file


Save the file

Close excel

Open the File

See if that helps

If that doesn't

When you open the file, select File Open

Select the file Don't press Open

Select the small drop down arrow next to Open

Select Open & Repair

See if that helps