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Problem with Userform

Fred Wayne

New Member
Hello . I saw one the forums in which you fixed an "Agenda". I downloaded, ran it in my PC and works perfectly. But I tried to configure it on my workbook, it does not work. I dont know what is wrong. I tried to modify the code according to my workbook("Countries Table" which is in "Countries Sheet". I do not know what am I doing wrong?I am sending you both files...the one that I downloaded and the one I am using and displays the mistake. Would you help me out.


Active Member
In the original file have a look at Formulas -> Name manager -> I have a defined name range called IDs, you don't have that in your file. In the countries sheet you have to add a column with numbers and make a new defined name range.

Fred Wayne

New Member
Now..is there a way to have a dropdown list. When I choose the country...it displays a list of the cities it has. Could it be posible that in Textbox called "City Name", to display a list of the cities after you choose a country for the corresponding city name code to be displayed in texbox "CITY CODE?