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Print Macro for Selected Sheets from 200+ Worksheets


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Also when editing the print specs for each sheet (after double click), maybe you can use drop down boxes for Page Size, Orientation, No of Copies etc.


Excel Ninja
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I appreciate your interest and suggestions in this but it is provided free to all as is, where is.

No warranty or support provided

If others want to add to it as long as they make it available here I am happy

I will get to your suggestions at some stage
Hi Hui,
I have lot of customer invoices in excel wb for printing, i want to done it through selecting list just like this post, i need

Have a try of this version


It has:
  • A selection of Page No layouts
  • Multiple Copies
  • Multiple Copies of each page
  • Editable page characteristics (Size & Orientation )
I haven't checked that it is working 100% so any feedback appreciated
Hi Hui,

I have problem just like this post, i try to download this file but is disable. will you please send me this file or upload again with correct path.
Here is the file:
Thanks for uploading file. I need little bit change, if possible that code allow me to browse another workbook sheet for select & print. Also when start printing code make pause for 20 second after every 10 pages print.
Is it make sense.


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