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I have an excel worksheet that has 3 columns. In Column A has a list of all US zip codes, column B has a list of US counties that correspond to Column A. Column C has a list of zip codes that corresponds to an address list that has about 12000 people. I would like to generate a fourth Column, it will be a list of Counties that corresponds to Column C. how can i do this in excel. I want to compare column A and C and if C=A then generate column B into Column D. What type of formula do i need.


I have assumed that A1 has a Title Zip and B1 County and so the data starts in Row 2

Try something like this in D2


Change the value 4000 to the Row number of the bottom of the Zip code column

and copy it down
That will occur when the Zip you are looking up isn't in the list of Zip Codes

Check that there aren't any leading or trailing spaces in both lists of Zip Codes

Or if there are internal spaces, make sure they are all a single character