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Nested IF Statements with ISTEXT [SOLVED]


New Member
I'm trying to return a specific statement depending on what cells are entered. If someone puts text in A7 then that returns a text I want so that was:


Then if someone enters text in A7 and B7, then that returns a different text I want so that was:


Again, if someone enters A7,B7 and C7, then that returns a different text that I was so that was:


My question is that I want to combine all of these IF statements so if someone enters text in one cell then it returns that or if they entere text in two cells then it returns something else or if the enter text in all three cells it returns something else.

Does that make sense? I've been having trouble combining all three into one.

Thanks for your help!



Excel Ninja
Staff member
Pure Co-incidence,

I logged in 5 seconds after you posted

you could easily add


or change the "0" TO a message "No data"