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Need help with a conditional formatting formula

Brett Crisp

New Member
I have a spreadsheet that I'm building in which I need to populate a cell based on the conditions of 2 other cells. My skill level is to get me in trouble, but enough to figure this one out. Following is what my conditions are:

IF D2="O" and E2="L" OR D2="C" and E2="S" do this G2*H2+J2*(-1)

IF D2="O" and E2="S" OR D2="C" and E2="L" do this G2*H2-J2

Is there a way for me to do this?

Try these

=+IF(OR(AND(D2="O",E2="L"),AND(D2="C",E2="S")),G2*H2+J2*(-1),"something else")


=IF(OR(AND(D2="O",E2="S"),AND(D2="C",E2="L")),G2*H2-J2,"something else")
All of this conditioning needs to populate the same cell. If it's the first equal statement do this, if it's the second equal statement do the second option. If I understand what you provided correctly, this would be used to populate different cells.
Brett, Try

=+IF(OR(AND(D2="O",E2="L"),AND(D2="C",E2="S")),-1*G2*H2+J2,IF(OR(AND(D2="O",E2="S"),AND(D2="C",E2="L")),G2*H2-J2,"something else") )