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Matching a 2D list of data against two excel columns inside an excel


New Member

Is it possible to perform a vlookup, or some other lookup function, in a 2D list of data against two excel columns that contain multiple values?

For example, I have an excel with 5 columns. Out of which Column C contains a list of BP_IDs. Some cells here have a repeated Staff ID and Column D contains a list of MBB_Names. Some cells here have a repeated MBB_Names too and column E has voting values in the form of "Yes","No" or "Abstain". Here basically MBB has to vote on each BP_ID with values "Yes","No" or "Abstain".

BP_ID MBB Name Created Vote

930201084637 Jef 9/30/10 Yes

930201084637 Pau 9/30/10 No

930201084637 Rob 9/30/10 Abstain

91201011002 Jef 9/30/10 Yes

I have created a column F where i have listed all the MBB names and Column G where i have singled out all the unique BP_Ids. I want to match these 2 columns F & G to the columns C & D and find out who are the MBBs that have not voted yet by comparing each BP_Id and MBB name as composite key to the columns C & D.

I hope this makes sense. If you need me to clarify let me know.

Many thanks,



Excel Ninja
Staff member

I have assumed your data starts in Row 3

and that you have the values "Yes","No" and "Abstain" in H2:J2

then in H3 you can use

H3: =SUMPRODUCT(1*($C$3:C20=$F3)*($D$3:D20=$G3)*($E$3:E20=H$2))

adjust row 20 to suit

copy across to I3:J3

copy H3:J3 down to the end of your unique values


New Member
Hi Hui

Nice to have your reply but not the solution i wanted to have. If you could send me your email id, i will send you the excel for review? Then only you can understand the real issue i am struck with?


Excel Ninja
Staff member


If you select columns A:E and apply a Filter

Does selecting the Vote Filter and only enable the No votes solve your problem ?


Another way to tackle this maybe to use an Advanced Filter

in G1:K1 put

ID	Comments	BP_ID	MBB Name	Vote

In K2 put No

Then goto Advanced Filter

Copy to another location

List range: $A$1:$E$284

Criteria Range: $G$1:$K$2

Copy to: $P$1

Unique records only: Ticked

You can add more criteria if you want by listing below the Range G1:K1