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Listbox with duplicates only.


New Member
I Have 2 columns (A and B)
Column A = the ID (unique) number, colum B has duplicate values .
I want to populate a userform listbox with the duplicates only.
The values that only appear once in column B should NOT be in de Listbox.
LIke this:
Col A Col B
1 Cheese
15 Cheese
8 Bread
29 Bread

Marc L

Excel Ninja
No ListBox in your attachment … :rolleyes:
Anyway you can use a helper column with a COUNTIF formula for example …​

Marc L

Excel Ninja
according to this link, to Excel basics like any beginner operating manually and to the Macro Recorder​
as a VBA beginner starter to paste to the UserForm code module :​
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    With Blad1.[A1].CurrentRegion
              .Range("K2").Formula = "=COUNTIF(" & .Columns(2).Address & ",B2)>1"
              .AdvancedFilter xlFilterCopy, .Range("K1:K2"), .Range("M1:N1")
         With .Range("M1").CurrentRegion.Rows
           If .Count > 1 Then ListBox1.List = .Item("2:" & .Count).Value2
         End With
    End With
End Sub
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