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Identify level of attribute in Matrix


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I have case which seems to be simple but I can't crack it: imagine there is standard fact table + dimensional table with attributes Att1, Att2,... Att6. I need to create a measure which returns values only for Att2 and Att5. For all other attributes it has to be blank. Unfortunately, I can't create a hierarchy and solve this problem by using switch() in combination with isinscope() because attributes in the Matrix (I mean Power BI visual) may have random order (via personalized visuals). So one user can organize the matrix as Att2, Att4, Att5... and other user as Att5, Att4, Att3, Att2... and both scenarios business-wise makes sense.
Thx for any hint,
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Can you please attached a sample file with some data before and after transformation demonstrating what you require.