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I need a macro please!!!


New Member
I need a macro that:

Will only work in Column H

I don't want the macro to delete data from another cell by accident.

Will delete the last letter in the cell(s) selected

leaving 10 characters in the cell

won't delete beyond the 10 characters

I don't want a button or anything like that associated with the macro

Just a simple CTRL+SHIFT+L or something like that.

I have found a couple that may work, but a flawless macro would be great!


New Member
Sub Deletechars()

Set myRange = Selection

For Each myCell In myRange

myCell.Characters(11, 1).Delete


End Sub

This is the latest macro that I found. Is there a way to make this macro work in a specific column and not the other columns?


Excel Ninja
Staff member

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The following should be good for you

Sub Deletechars()
Dim myCell As Range
For Each myCell In Selection
If myCell.Column = 8 And Len(myCell) > 10 Then myCell = Left(myCell, 10)
End Sub