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How to refer current active cell's address?


New Member
Hi, everybody

I subscribed this blog since 2 months ago, learned a lot from here.

But today, I have a question about referring current active cell's address.

For example, one sheet filling with data.

I want that --

For example, when I choose B2, A1 can display the content of B2.

And, when I choose G25, A1 can also display the content of G25.

In other words, A1 can also display the current active cell's content.

I only know how to use macro to finish this function.

Is there any formula that can realize this function?

You can put the folowing code in the Worksheet Object not in VBA Module

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Cells(1, 1) = ActiveCell.Value

End Sub