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How to Embed Linked Values in a Chart?

Laura Marshall

New Member

I am trying to embed the Summary Section - it will not copy/link to PowerPoint or even group? Is there a better way to do this. These are linked to cells in the workbook so will update when values update.

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Excel Ninja
Staff member

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

If the objects are inside the Chart as opposed to infront of the chart I would select the Chart
Goto the Home Tab and select the small drop down next to Copy
Copy as Picture
Paste into PP

If the Text Boxes are in front of the chart
Select the cells behind the Chart
Goto the Home Tab and select the small drop down next to Copy
Copy as Picture
Paste into PP

Laura Marshall

New Member
Hi Hui,

The only issue is that I'm trying to have the Charts linked in PPT - so that when I update the report each week I can "automajically" update all of the charts - there are about 50 charts.

So I guess what I need isn't really possible...

Dr. Demento


Unless I'm misunderstanding, a chart can be copied/linked between Excel and Powerpoint as well as an individual (or group) of cells (your summary).

After you copy the chart/cells in Excel, use the small down arrow below the Paste in Powerpoint. Click Paste Special. Click the Paste Link radio button and choose MS Excel Chart Object for either chart or cells. Voila!

Your summary section will need to be pre-formatted in Excel prior to pasting. That includes using a white background (otherwise you'll see the grid lines), any font/color/outline formatting, etc.

This article highlights the differences between pasting techniques and the pros/cons. https://www.thinkoutsidetheslide.com/linking-a-graph-in-powerpoint-to-the-excel-data-so-the-graph-can-automatically-update-when-the-excel-worksheet-changes/