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How do you know Excel is your passion? Or is it?

Cheryl Smith

New Member
Im searching for my passion, you know that thing that makes my heart sing. I mean Im listening for the pitter patter in my ticker. So how do I know if Excel is it? Or anything for that matter. Im looking for that thing that will make me turn my tv off. (TV is my crack, Im truly addicted). I thought it was database development and honestly Im not altogether sure that it isnt. Excel may be a substitute. A more attainable passion.
Give me some insight peeps. Some thoughts, musings, ideas.....

You know that you have caught the bug when you work on a computer 8 hours a day using XL and you come home and solve XL problems for another six hours on forums just like this one. The sun rises the following day and you do it all again. You put time into the things that press your buttons. What do you pour your time into? Time is precious as it is one thing you can never get back once it is gone. That is my take on the issue anyways.

Take care

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Hi Cheryl, the best person to answer your question will be, you only.
Check what you aim is, what is the objective, is your aim and passion linked ?

If not then a rethink is required.
Have a nice day ahead.
@Cheryl Smith

Is something is your passion it will hover your mind all the time, believe me, this happens whatever expertise level you reach, the passion never dies. Even if you change path than also it will keep pulling you. So the answer can only be given by your mind.

Great question Cheryl. But I think the answer is, you just know. Excel or modelling eclipsed any other hobby or interest I ever had. It extends you, it's creative and satisfying. It humbles you when you see how far others have gone. But it drives you to keep going. You become an optimist in finding seemingly impossible solutions. You are happy in an airport with a coffee, your laptop and 5 hours to kill. You celebrate wet weekends so you can spend unashamed hours on learning and working on projects. You read forums like this after midnight in bed on your iPad. You read VBA books like novels.
I find that when I'm doing things I'm passionate about, my sense of time gets lost and the day flies by. If I have to spend a day at working going through training, it takes forever. If I have an intense Excel/VBA project to work on, it seems like no work at all. I forget the name of the book, but one author described that feeling as "being in flow", when things just go smoothly. :)