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[Here Iam trying to use sumifs with index match formula to bring the data from the raw data sheet and also using Month Validation but it is not workin

rather than image - attach a sample spreadsheet
we can see whats needed
an explanation also would help

What version of excel are you using , as solutions can vary a lot depending on the version
you need to allow access
Also an explanation of exactly what you are trying to do may help, get a solution quicker
I Want to bring all sum data on the sheet 1 and have put month validation but it is not working
is this a google sheets issue - or excel - I dont know google sheets, and some formulas are different

as the columns on sheet1 match the order on sheet 2 - then i have not tried anything clever with also matching the header

No idea if this works in google sheets - as you did not answer
What version of excel are you using , as solutions can vary a lot depending on the version


  • Untitled spreadsheet-ETAF.xlsx
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naru88, as a reminder this is obviously an Excel forum so very not appropriate for Google Sheets … :rolleyes:
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