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Gantt chart with dynamic day/week/month/year views

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Brent vdM

New Member
Hi all.

I have made a Gantt chart based on a stacked bar chart where I can change the axis on the chart to switch between day/week/month/year views by clicking on a command button for each. However, I now need to do the same with a "conditional formatting" Gantt chart, but I have no idea where to begin.
Could someone kindly point me in the direction of some advice/templates on doing this (if indeed possible)?

Many thanks

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

It will only be the Column Headings that change as your selections change
The CF logic uses the Headings to determine if it is on/off and apply CF
So the logic stays the same, just change the math in the headings to determine the new Heading dates based on your selection

If you post a file that will assist us to assist you
ps: If your in WA it is possible that I drive past your office regularly
So here is a simple mock-up

I have allowed for Days, Weeks, Fortnights, Months, Quaters, Years and Decades



See attached file:

It actually works a treat !!!


  • Dynamic Date Gannt.xlsx
    15.4 KB · Views: 196
Magical, thanks Hui! This is exactly what I needed and it works really well and fast. Very elegant.
I am not in WA, but in SA (South Africa) unfortunately. Do let me know if you ever drive this way though :)

Thanks again,
I was surprised how effective and simple the solution was

I may even write about it soon!

I have friends who work for VDM in Australia and they have an office near my home hence the question
I have been through JBurg and Capetown in the last few years but nothing planned at present
The above file has been updated as there were two small errors in it
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