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Excel VBA File path length exceeds 255 characters

manish agarwal

New Member
Hi All,

I am trying to save a file on a Sharepoint location and the entire file path exceeds 255 due to which it does not work. I have searched a lot on google but could not find a workable solution. Hence eventually I had to come here at Chandoo's. Has someone faced similar issue and probably got a solution or workaround. I can think of mapping the sharepoint drive to make it short but this seems to be very old solution and complex. Also, I read about on a website (see below) but I think this does not work on VBA. Is there any other solution or can someone explain how we can simplify the old solution
Use the subst command like so:
subst X: "C:\Folder1\Really Long Path\Such Recursion\So Deep\Wow"


Have a read of the post at: