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Excel pet peeves

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Luwak, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Luwak

    Luwak New Member

    While we agree that Excel is pretty awesome, things can always be improved. Let's share some pet peeves and hopefully workarounds to limit their impact. Here is one of mine: the Paste Special menu containing radio buttons instead of checkboxes so that it can take several repeated pastes to get the result that you want.

    Looking forward to a solution for this and to read others' pet peeves!
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  2. AlanSidman

    AlanSidman Active Member

    Eliminate the ability to merge cells. It creates more issues than it solves. Should be used only for presentation. Never for analysis. Only the folks in Redmond can fix this. You, however, can avoid this like the plague.
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  3. Hui

    Hui Excel Ninja Staff Member

    You can use Centre Across Selection to achieve the same result without the issues associated with Merge.
    It is a shame that Centre Across Selection isn't available in the Merge Dialog in the Toolbar
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  4. Peter Bartholomew

    Peter Bartholomew Well-Known Member

    My peeves are not going to be fixed; it is simply not possible to turn back time. For me, misnamed functions grate.

    INDEX - this function uses indices as 2nd and 3rd parameters but returns an reference to a range (or an element of an array), usually a cell but sometimes a row or column. In any case, the normal mathematical convention, would be to use
    = rangeName( 1, 2 )
    rather than
    = INDEX(rangeName, 1, 2 )

    ROWS - returns a count of rows, not a collection of rows. Perhaps
    = ROWCOUNT(rangeName)
    would be a truer description. A proper function ROWS would be useful because one could then aggregate 2-dimension ranges to give a column of row-totals
    = SUM(ROWS(rangeName)) :(

    So it goes on with CELL, ROW, COLUMN …

    It is a good thing the math functions don't follow the same 'convention' of naming functions by their key parameter, otherwise we might have the function
    = ANGLE("sin", angle)
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