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Excel multilanguage formula translator and function reference


Excel Rōnin

I think I'm done with the finishing touches to a project related to functions and formula translations between ... a lot of languages. As you well know I use a Spanish version of Excel and every time I post a formula I feel and seem obliged to traduce it to English so as to not overcharge users who asked -may times elementary things- with the additional issue to translating from a language that they might even ignore.

I used to use many links like:


among the bests I could find, but there was always a manually search, type, research, retype...

As I recognize me lazy (I'd say absolutely efficient about unnecessary repetitive and automatable tasks), I began wondering "WTF, I can't find a f... translator!" (... and I couldn't!) -F&f stands for fabulous ;)- and I ended thinking "Why not building one?"... And I'm done, I finished it a couple of months ago and it was firstly intended for personal use, it just did the job, but then I thought "This might be useful for some other guys, I can share it with them", so it evolved a little.

The information and files at the websites I mentioned appeared to have many faults or incompleteness or lacks: or they were only english-spanish, or they haven't all the functions, or they were as user friendly as porcupine mating, or... always there were ors.

In my search thru the very main source of all this function names (Microsoft, obviously) I found this pages:



Playing with this and with the language codes I collected an important data source. Actually there are 94 LIP or LP (language interface packs or language packs) for Office 2010, but with that page structure (replacing the language code page) I could only find 37. Which is far beyond the best site (the second) which had 16 languages, not all functions well translated and not all functions available (I think that not even those in 2007 full version).

I said I was done... well, nearly, almost, but not 100% sure. Why?

I included every language found, 37, most of them from countries with languages different from Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian (which acceptably or not I use and can handle). Among them I want to point out at those called RTL (right to left) as Hebrew and Arabic that faced me with the handling of strange text strings that when edited moving the cursor from first character to last was unusual. And I don't mention when mixing strings of both normal (left to right) and RTL languages... that was and is absolutely confusing, at least for me.

So here is my wish list, if someone can help I'd appreciate it too much:

a) do you know fully operating formula translators? no matter between what languages

b) do you know additional pages as MS's ones with other link structure URL?

c) what languages do you fluently know (among those for which there are Excel versions) so as to check let's say 10 translated formulas? I'm very interested in:

- non-latin languages (cyrillics, hindi, thai, etc.)

- RTL right-to-left languages from Middle East (hebrew, arabic, etc.)

- ideographic languages from Far East (chinese, japanese, korean, etc.)

- languages that use other chars apart from comma ",", colon ":" and semicolon ";" for list separator, decimal point and digit separator

d) would you be willing to check partially or fully a 37 by 4 word list? (words: function, type, description and version, in the 37 languages yet found)

e) have you ever faced issues of mixing/concatenating characters in different languages? i.e., "???? / Hebrew" here it seems friendly, but look at column A of sheet "Languages", copy it to another workbook and try to select characters from left to right or from right to left...

I wish to thank specially to Faseeh (at this Chandoo's website forums) for his assistance in testing and interchanging opinions about non-occidental languages.

As well as I'll appreciate any comment, suggestion, correction or idea that you might provide, I wish to thank you in advance just for reading this, whether or not you may be able to do anything about it. Please feel absolutely free to be critical, skeptical or cold-blooded cruel with your feedback.

Download link: (updated 2017)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/pc4i5v6qw...ilingual Formula Translator V1.0.19.xlsm?dl=0

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<quote> As you well know I use a Spanish version of Excel and every time I post a formula I feel and seem obliged to traduce it to English so as to not overcharge users</quote>

Why not just go into the VBE and type


in the immediate window?
Hi, xld!

Most times there is not an unique formula, so it's very laborious (remember I said I was too lazy) if workbook is complex going into the VBE and so on.

And despite all that, I enjoyed doing such a thing, firstly intended for personal use, then uploaded for those who might be interested on it.

Thanks for your comments.

Hi SirJB7,

So finally its public! :) Congratulation! I will keep searching for Urdu & Arabic if i could found one.

Best Regards,


I'm assuming you have read this post and associated links, seeing as you have posted there:


So this was up your sleeve!
<quote>And despite all that, I enjoyed doing such a thing, firstly intended for personal use, then uploaded for those who might be interested on it.</quote>

Fair enough, if re-inventing the wheel rocks your boat, enjoy it :)

BTW, one serious problem I found when I tried it on my netbook is that the instructions form was bigger than my screen, I couldn't seem to move it or resize it, and when I tried to close it it warned me that I hadn't accepted the conditions. As I couldn't see the checkbox I couldn't agree too it, so I had to abandon.


Yes, now open to critics to improve it.




Yeap, this was :)

A little delayed because of investigation on RTL languages, but finally released. Hope someone finds it useful.


PS: actually would appreciate your comments, but I guess you knew it yet.



Thanks for the observation, will try to fix it up.

Hi SirJB7,

I note that you have made a tremendous effort on your formula translator and and I appreciate sharing your work.

I also use a Spanish version of Excel and so few months ago I shared a small file to translate formulas from a local language to English and viceversa. Read about it here:

Download from here:

Hi, pedrowave!

I have problems to access first link: my AV (ESET Smart Security 5) tells me that "minksoft.sellclasics.com" is targeted as an attacking website, tried to bypass this but errors 404 and then 401 appeared, now it's under maintenance... mabye an attack or hijack.

About your link, I downloaded the file and gave a look to its VBA code. It works fine but with the defined scope of actual Excel version to English only, using the Formula property for a cell. My scope was a bidirectional translator and then grew to multilingual and then to Excel function reference and then to... it ended in two workbooks: first -private, not publicly availabe- with web queries to MS web site to retrieve actual and updated functions definitions and all that stuff, and second -this one- which takes all the data from first one and performs translations, but with UDFs that perform parsing of the original formula (identifying operands, operators, workbooks/worksheets/ranges/cell references, constants, ... and function... then replacing these last ones by the output language related ones, and checking separators -digits, numbers, commaas, semicolons...-... et voilá!)

Thanks for sharing your work. Just advise if any additional information required.

Keep in touch.


PS: I took the liberty to download your Matrix Rain and Miniatures workbooks... nice implementations... Maybe you allow me to dig further in your Public SkyDrive :)

PS2: Is there any way to contact you?
Hi, all!

Made some minor changes to Rev. 13 basically to adjust user form sizes to low resolution screens.

Previous link is disabled, here's the new one for Rev. 19:


SirJB7 (Pablo Sir),

I have downloaded your file but not able to view the codes as the project is locked.

May I request you to please share the codes as well (password to unlock the code or the unlocked version of the file) in order to help us learn the codes you have written to develop this tool.

Please do apologize me if I am asking something more!!


Hi, kaushik03!

They're available upon request, of course. I've just sent an email to you.