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Duplicate values in a list


I run several competitions and end up with a list of name, score, rank. I use conditional formatting to highlight 1st, 2nd etc in the list and this works for ties. What I would like to do is to display on an other worksheet the highest 3 scores & names. I have used INDEX & MATCH to do this =INDEX($B$3:$B$100,MATCH(1,$D$3:$D$00,FALSE),1) but this will obviously not handle ties.


If your Rank is assigned using the Rank function, you will get duplicates where the scores are equal

What about using Auto Filter directly on the list

and then select the Drop Down in the Rank Column and Select (Top 10...)

You can now select the Top or Bottom 3, Depending on how you have used Rank, and believe it or not it will show 4 or more items if they have duplicate values