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do not resize page footer with page size zoom


New Member
Hi all,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gert-Jan and I work as a controller at a large asset management firm. First I have to say that I think the website is great. It has given me lots of new ideas. Thanks for that.

I've developed this new report (Excel 2003). How can I make sure that the page footer does not re size when you zoom to make the page fit.




Excel Ninja
Staff member

In Excel 2007/10, On the Page Setup Header/Footer screen there is a Scale with Document Tick box at the bottom of the page

Make sure that not ticked.

I don't have access to 2003 today to see if that option is there.


Active Member
Hi Gert-Jan,

In 2003 you can specify the size of the font (besides other things) by adding something like


to your footer, see here



New Member
Tried it and it works just fine. You just have to make sure you add it to the front.

Thanks for your help.