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Display cell content in another cell by selecting the cell.


New Member
Hello guys I hope there is a non vba solution for this problem:

Suppose I have a workbook with cells containing text. Can I Display each cell content in 1 other cell after selecting the cell I want to display? so each cell will be displayed in that particular cell whenever it is selected.

for example

cells A1:A5 has the following text values:


If cell B1 is the target cell:
when I select A1 I should see "Dermot" Displayed in B1
when I select A2 I should see "Johnson" Displayed in B1
when I select A3 I should see "Reece" Displayed in B1
and so on

I hope someone can help thanks.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Firstly, Welcome to the Chandoo.org Forums

You can't do what you want without some VBA
Now that I have said that, somebody will show us how


New Member
Thank you Hui and p45ca,l this solved the problem.
However I wanted the file to also be smartphone usable, is this possible?