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Dashboard file size


I am creating a new dashboard.
I want a designer look, I mean little modern look, with the help of shapes and colours

If I pit my company data, the file size will become around 33Mb.
I was wondering if I should put the data on a different excel sheet and just paste the output on anothee size.
What do you suggest.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
If you save the file as an Excel Binary file type (*.xlsb) does that help?

You can export the dashboard part as say a PDF file, that will minimise the size for people receiving it, but they won't be able to modify the dashboard

Adding shapes and especially pictures increase file sizes, are they essential? can they be removed?


Well-Known Member
That's what I do with my Dashboards. I have separate excel tools for calculation & paste final figures into my dashboard wherever I can. Saves file space.


Excel Ninja
Staff member
There are loads of great dashboard Examples right here

Use the Search Box on the Main Chandoo.org page and search for Dashboard or Dashboard Competition