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CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER not working in Excel 2016


New Member
When I press CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER to enter an array formula the files dialog box opens. I have tried this on two different computer and get the same results.
Is there a known problem with this? If so, is there a workaround?

GraH - Guido

Well-Known Member
I use CSE frequently in Excel 2016 without any problem as to many members here. It might be a long shot, but is the file containing a macro with an assigned shortcut "CSE"?


New Member
One more thing. I can use transpose and CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER on the same worksheet and it works. It's only when I try to use values in another TAB of the workbook that this occurs.


Excel Ninja
Try checking that you don't have some add-in or Windows custom shortcut key defined. In some application's property you can set shortcut key to launch it.

First I'll recommend starting Excel in Safe Mode and test (see link and articles linked in there for details).

If it works in Safe Mode. Then start checking add-ins, start folder, personal workbook etc to pinpoint cause.

If it does not, most likely cause is OS/3rd party program shortcut key conflict.


Active Member
Are you sure that you entered the name of the sheet correctly in the formula, complete with any leading/trailing spaces?