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Credit Book Project to maintain balances of multiple users


I did a file in the past doing this with multiple tabs, one tab for each person involved and had a summary sheet for quick access but was not very dynamic and user friendly so i'm hoping there might be a better way...

I have X amount of people who have independent balances. These balances will have additions and subtractions and descriptions of why their totals fluctuate. It is crucial that I can reference these descriptions in case there are disagreements in the future. x will grow and subtract as new people will enter and old ones will leave so I have to be able to add/subtract people easily and some additions may come in with starting "balances" as well.

Should be noted as well, some people will have 4 transactions, others will have 70 so the numbers of transactions (with descriptions) has to be somewhat dynamic and not restrictive.

A summary sheet is needed which will show the name and current "balance" and this will be used as a quick reference to see an overall picture of each of the individual people. On the summary sheet, the descriptions listed above are not important and don't need to be referrenced.

I can give an example of what it looks like now at a future time if that may help.

Thanks in advance.

You have identified the 2 basic ways to tackle the problem

1. A Single List

2. Multiple Tabs

Either way can give the same result at the expense of use or complexity

A Single list will mean a more complex report area for both Individual reports and Summations, but allow greater flexibility in complex reports

Multiple Tabs will mean easier user details at expense of less efficiency in Summation, and complex reports, but these becomes hard to use once you have more than 12-15 customers.

With Multiple Tabs, Keep them consistent, and keep a summary row/s at either the bottom or top at say row 1-10 or 100-110 to allow easier consolidation.

You can easily setup macro's to hide unused rows in reports when printing
Well I have over 275 people right now in the "Multiple Tabs" style. I can operate it fine and maintain it fine and it seems consistent in my eyes, tho not to the other users on it.

What would a Single list format look like? Can you give me a quick sample to see if that will work....I'm not "seeing it" at this point. Perhaps if I give my coworks something different to look at they might like that better. As always, it makes sense to the creator but not the users :-(

I can always create an instruction manual for them I suppose doing it the present way.

On a side note, only printing the "summary page" would be necessary. the individual transactions would be for reference (viewing on the screen) only and never printed if that changes things.