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Creating a Currency Converter for existing model!


New Member
Hello Everyone,
My name is Marvin and I just got an internship as an analyst for a large tech company and I supposed they expected me to be way better at Excel than I really am so I really need your help!!

So I was given as existing model basically comparing our equipment to that of our competitor to this is a customer facing model meant to show customers the advantage of switching to our machines the model works great. My task was to take this model add a simple currency converter so to elaborate there are inputs customers would put in the model like cost of there existing paper or current labor costs and the model will give an output comparing there current figures to their potential figures using our products instead. So I was able to create a successful currency converter using a new sheet with live currency feeds, drop down windows and basically a whole lot of if statements and formulas no VBA at all. I showed it to my boss and he basically told me to redo it he said that this method wont work because it was easily corruptable and would be to messy. Also he said that this method wouldnt work because a potential customer would maybe put a new input in to one of the cells containing my IF function thereby erasing the formula I made making it all not work. I suppose I need to us VB to solve this issue and make the currency converter but I am so lost and confused. Anything would help. I dont really have much to show you as of now sorry for no pictures but my IF formulas are basically irrelevant now and I do not even know where to begin. I still have a new sheet with the currency exchange rates in the model if that helps.

Please help!!

Thank you
Okay so below is an example of one page of the model missing alot of info of course. But what you can see is the pull down window I made labeled choose currency and choose units. Also you can see column G and you can see all the if statements I made. Ofcourse I can no longer use those if statements. Now what needs to happen is I have to have that G coumn still convert in the same manor the If satments made it convert between currencies but I need to be able to also input different figures in to the G column. I think this has to be done in VB. SO like a macro when I choose a currency from the pull down window all the values in the selected columns or cells convert to the currency in the window. I am very confused.
Thank you


  • example model.xlsx
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HI again,
I already have a live table feeding live currency exchange rates what I need is someway of getting the currency values in the model to convert.
One issue, is that many of your formula refers to separate workbook.

You'd want to avoid that for customer facing model, if possible, as it requires additional file for the user and is prone to breaking/go wrong.

One thing you can do is to have your table/live feed on the same workbook but in xlVeryHidden state. This can be accomplished by going to VBA module and changing "Visible" status for the sheet.


Other than that, if you don't want the user to break IF or any other formula, you can protect the sheet (though it can be easily bypassed if anyone wishes to do so). You can use User Form for user input, instead of directly in the cell as well.

What fields do user edit?

P.S. If you are willing to pay, you may consider posting it in the forum below.
Thank you so much for that. My Boss told me today that I should create the currency conversion in VB instead of having a seperate sheet and multiple if statments and formulas. The clients will be inputting to all the cells colored yellow. I really dont know much in VB can I just mske an IF statment in VB like I did in the workbook?
Thank you