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Create Huge Search Button

indi visual

New Member
I have the following code:

[pre]<br />
'Opens the find and search dialog box<br />
' Find Search Button Macro<br />
<p>On Error Resume Next<br />
Application.Dialogs(xlDialogFormulaFind).Show sFindMe<br />
On Error Resume Next</p>
<p> End Sub<br />

It basically pops open the default search and find dialog box.

I would like to make some sort of pop up form field button that is super large that pops up in the center of the screen and enables me to type in what I' m searching for and click the 'search' the same way.

Having the result found row highlighted would be a bonus.


Excel Ninja
Staff member

Odd request

What's wrong with Ctrl F ?


Have a cell in your worksheet where people can enter a search query with a simple macro button


For probably the best search article I've yet seen


indi visual

New Member
CTRL+F is fine.

But in a hurry I just wanted a text field I could click my cursor into fast without worrying about clicking on anything else.

Pressing control F, and then zero'ing in on a small text field is kind of...

Well in any case, the post you provided was the ultimate search article I could possibly ask for and it answered my question a million times over.

Thanks again Hui.

I'm using the xls file posted from that article now, it works fantastic.